which two fighting styles would be the best togather

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Stevo Regular 32 posts
The best 2 styles in my opinion are basically BJJ and Kamon Wing chun. This covers everything from stand up fighting to ground fighting.

'Wing Chun 4 Life'
alucarD_The_Stampede Newbie 16 posts
this is prolly crazy and prolly unrealistic, but i think the perfect combo would be Jeet Kune Do, with Shaolin Monk style, cause JKD is powerful if done right, and the monks are hella tough and have some good moves, cause imagine havin Bruce Lee's moves, but being strong enough to be kicked in the nuts (guys) and be unaffected, cause ive seen some monk demos, they could get kicked in the nuts and act like nothin happened, they did flips by jumping, landing on their heads and then kinda jumping back up and landing on their feet (kinda hard to explain without seein it) plus they got hit with sticks and stuff and they werent hurt, so that combined with the power of JKD would be a kickass stlye IMO...
Dave Addict 183 posts
You have no grasp of reality if you think JKD or Kung Fu is effective in a real fight. The arts you like have blinded you from the real world.
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alucarD_The_Stampede Newbie 16 posts
dave i think you really are the dumbest person alive, the point of the monk style is being able to take a hit and not be affected not trying to hit people, and the point of the JKD is being able to hit your opponent back....
Sweaty Gi Moderator 120 posts
And just when you thought it couldn't get any better... he's back for more
sl Resident 855 posts
As for the kicking in the nuts thing its complete crap i've seen it done all you have to do is move forward on the kick and you get kicked in the arse instead of your love bag.... Next time i see a shaolin monk by my house im gonna kick him squire in the nuts and watch that guy crumble:-X
Dave Addict 183 posts
Thought i'd let you guys in on a little secret thats been used in the stunt industry for years.

Basically tie a piece of rope around the sole of your foot and then run it up the inside of your leg and down the inside of the other. Make sure you have enough slack between your nutz and the rope and then tie the end off on the sole of your foot. You can walk around and no one can tell you have the rope on plus your pants hide the rope.

When the guy kicks you in the nutz he points his toes forward so that your nutz are safe. The rope takes full impact and also makes a good sound effect. All you have to do is look hard as f#*k or act like your in total agony.
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Ryu Regular 47 posts
works for me, i'm doing it as we speak! :-o

Ken is good, but Ryu is bett
crazymofo55 Regular 41 posts
I hate to burst your bubble, but it sounds like the only martial arts you know is from a taebo tape, a couple seasons of kung fu the legend continues and chop-chop master onion. The stuff you're talking about is form you idiot! Do you actually think that stuff is gonna work in the ring? LOL! Man, I'd really like to see all the guys that go on about this bs actually go to the gym one day and fight for a couple minutes. Go ahead and study some JKD if it's so effective. Master it. Spend a couple hundred bucks on a fraud who is not qualified to teach the art (cause nobody in the world is qualified to teach those arts) tell you exactly what you wanna hear. I garantee you that you'll still get dropped on your head and tap 5 seconds later. If you actually watched no holds barred on tv or anything you'd see that they don't even let kung fu guys in there anymore for good reason. Cause they kept getting their jaw split open on the mat in the first round. "KUUWAH!" Yeah, on the mat begging that the guy on top of won't hurt em.
Kieran Regular 107 posts
There is no M.A. better than any other M.A. just different styles.The style of Tjj that i do is very defensive,holds,block,chokes,groundwork, etc.But I come from a karate back ground which would be more attacking.

So I would mix a defensive and a attacking art together.

trevek2 Addict 119 posts
The trick with the rope sounds like Billy Connelly's idea about tying a rope to your leg and your other parts and then going jogging! BTW Dave, unfair about C/W wrestling, it aint meant as a martial art and I've seen a few judo people thrown around by C/Wers (mind you, they were also Judo players a lot of the time)... and you can make money in the odd CW bout.
See how well I block all your
JKDeazie Newbie 4 posts
JKD is a bunch of martial arts mixed together. JKD is a winner
Using no way as way.