did you now bruce lee used to pick fights with people

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alucarD_The_Stampede Newbie 16 posts
If you think Bruce Lee wasnt a great martial artist then you must be dumber then you look, he was awesome, and no im not some kung fu movie junkie who goes by what ive only seen in movies, Bruce Lee i guess you could say is a role model to me, ive read alot about him, seen MANY of his movies, and he was actually a nice guy, and i would bet all the money i have he could kick anyones ass in a fight (weapons excluded), and on the thing of him picking fights, like some others have said, yes he did, when he was a teen, but like they said he was sent to the states, where he became a better person, and for all of you who think he was just an actor, how do you think he was discovered? because he was a kickass martial artist, and i bet if he was still alive, even if he would be pretty old, id still bet my money on him in a fight.......
alucarD_The_Stampede Newbie 16 posts
These are a few of the fights that Bruce participated in the ring and out.

vs. Gary Elms in a tournament. (Won)

1958 or 1959:
Against Chung on a rooftop in Hong Kong. (Won in 2nd Round)

1960 - Seattle:
Bruce backfisted a guy and busted his nose after Bruce saw him harrassing a Chinese Girl. Bruce was taking a walk. This fight was witnessed by James DeMile.

1960 or 1961:
vs. Uechi. (Won in 10 seconds)

Summer 1963 - Hong Kong:
Bruce snapped a low kick to a punk's shin after the punk and his friend harrassed him during an evening stroll.

Dave Addict 183 posts
Wow they really sound like real fights!:-))

Don't make me laugh, how can you call those real fights?

Your another Bruce Lee nut blinded by the hype.
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Summer 1963 - Hong Kong:
Bruce snapped a low kick to a punk's shin after the punk and his friend harrassed him during an evening stroll.

:-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)) Nuff said. :-)):-))
Sweaty Gi Moderator 120 posts
An evening stroll ?

Not exactly UFC is it ?
alucarD_The_Stampede Newbie 16 posts
actually i didnt even like Bruce Lee until i read more on him, and those fights were just a few of the ones he was in, and what about when he was younger, anyone who knows anything about lee knows he used to get into fights all the time, and he only lost 1, which was his first street fight, and how can you prove he wasnt really good, and you better start now cause the evidence proving he could kick anyones ass is really stacking up...
alucarD_The_Stampede Newbie 16 posts
and to the person laughing at the snapkick thing, did you know, bruce was known for accidentally breaking peoples arms when practicing his kicks, the people who held the kicking bags for him, read on it sometime instead of talking about how someone was just an actor when you know nothing about them......
Sweaty Gi Moderator 120 posts
And there was this time, at band camp, when he farted, he'd knock everyone out. He's sooo cool :-))
sl Resident 855 posts
This debate grows wilder and wilder.

Where is your evidence he could kick anyones arse? He snap kicked some punk???? Once again


Punk: I am going to harass you
LEE: I will kick you in the shins if you do
"Lee, kicks punk in shins"
Punk: Ow, please dont kick me in the shins anymore.
LEE: You be a good punk then and dont harass me while im strolling
"Punks friend stands around watching Punk kicked in shins and does nothing?????"
;-0 open them eyes....

And as for hurting people while training maybe he was just an arrogant asshole who liked to beat up his students.


Robsco 1319 posts
hehe, nice use of smilies I must say!!!
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Dave Addict 183 posts
Sl man thats fookin great!

Can't stop laughing my nutz off.

You should be a comedy writer.

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Kieran Regular 107 posts
Who cares the guys dead and wheres Elvis.I would think more of Seven Seagal than I would of Bruce Lee.Check the rankings........He,s a seven dan black belt in akido,or look at at Chuck Norris track record........seven times world karate champion.Or Jean claude van Dam. These guy all worked hard for there art and are fairly humble and modest.

Bruce Lee was an arogant asshole and if you believe the stories of his younger years in hong kong then you would know he was a thug.
crazymofo55 Regular 41 posts
Bruce Lee is infinitly overrated and I garantee you if he got in no holds barred in this day and age where they are good at exposing fakes he'd get dropped on straight on his head and knocked out. Personally, I love to go down to my local hook n shoot or watch pay per view when these guys step in there so I can watch them walk out with oxygen tanks or watch them tap out the first round to a speedy Brazilian that didn't even break a sweat. When the bell rings all that ninja crap goes flying out the window and it all breaks down to something like punch, clinch, knee, knee, knee, throw, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer.......armbar. And those hammer fists are all usually to Grasshopper Son's dome splitting it straight open. Kuuuuuuuuwaaaaaah!
sl Resident 855 posts
Nice mofo.. A question for the boys who do the MMA tournaments etc. Has anyone fought someone who is a Jeet Kune doerrrr?:-O
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Gene LeBell has said that in his opinion Bruce Lee was a great athelete but he had never seen him fight so couldn't give an opinion.
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The snap kick to the shin story is true but this was way before Bruce was famous. If you ever been to Hong Kong you would know. Bruce didnt even know that snap kick was effective. He quoted I just kicked him then the opponent and his friend ran off.I have the book at my house if any wants to know.
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