Trianing with Girls

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PumpkinPie Spectator 1 posts
I'm 5'3", 49 years old, and train at a MMA school. When I spar with someone who is bigger and stronger (most of them), I literally tell them "You are bigger than me, you are stronger than me, and if you crank on me, I'll smack the crap out of you". When I don't win I do give a run for the money. Control is a very important aspect in any martial art. Any martial arts mastery includes knowing when you are inflicting pain and when you are inflicting injury. There is a strength and size factor to any fight. Women in general are not stronger and are not bigger (although I have seen some Amazons). That doesn't mean we can't be fierce competitors who love a sport that conditions us for self-defense and compels us to challenge our strength, speed, skill, technical savvy, and willingness to take risk in the hopes that we can win.
Macaroon Spectator 2 posts
I thought the same way until I actually trained with a girl. It went away when she started laying the hurt on. :(
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jkf27 Spectator 1 posts
I just started taking classes a week ago, and I definately understand what you mean. I'm only the 2nd girl in my class.

And let's face it. Looking beyond rights and equality there will always be a difference between men and women. Saying there isn't physically at least is just being ignorant.

As long as you don't intentially hurt a girl you are training with, you shouldn't worry.

Not too many girls do Ju Jitsu. It takes an even stronger personality to do it with a class full of boys, so it's more likely that she's there to train. Of course, just starting out a lot of the guys are going easy on me. That's how it should be with any beginner. But the other girl there is almost a blue belt, and they don't roll with her at the same strength they do me. She's not there for you to think about it in that sense. Treat her as you would any person at that level.

It's not like guys are the only ones who might worry about where they are hitting, too. I know the girl in my class made our friend Pete not too comfortable one day (i'm sure you get my drift).

Training for girls is very hard in my opinion. You can easily be very intimated by the strength of the guys in your class, but I don't let that stop me. I will get better. So you shouldn't hold back , you will only be hurting yourself and her.
Taiga89 Spectator 2 posts
i recently joined a juijitsu club in birmingham, in my first lesson i found one of the upper-belt/instructors there is incredibly skilled, shes around 5ft 3in and when i first saw her step into the ring i was a little worried for her, she was up against 5 taller, stronger lads, needless to say my bias and ignorance was destroyed the moment the first guy attacked, ive never seen someone so tiny kick ass like that before, it was certainly a sight to behold, the way she disarmed them and threw them to the ground like rag dolls was both amusing and frightening at the same time...

i guess the women are there to train just as much as the guys, i could tell none of them were hesitating, id hate to think what would happen if they did, im usually very relaxed in any situation, a laid back person, but even her "TOU!" made my eyes widen, very scary :( ill definately never underestimate women in ju-jitsu again after that display.

hope you can change this later on, im new to this :) im new, sorry if i bug you too much with questions!

tafster Newbie 9 posts
never been an issue for me, possibly because i started young and there were older girls who were bigger, stronger and better than me - they were holding back.

these days i moderate my approach as i would if it was a small guy. i once held back and got a whack on the shin for my trouble - i'm never doing that again.
Lilian Spectator 1 posts
im a girl and the boys treat me pretty much the same, wouldnt have it any other way! x
Lil x
BlaznAzn Spectator 1 posts
Hi everyone,
New to the forum and the sport! Im seriously contemplating taking Jujitsu at a local Dojo and I know im going to be one of the only girls in the class. do you guys (I mean guys and girls) have an pointers or anything before I head to my first class?

spider Regular 235 posts
You shouldn't need any. Turnig up is very important.
Robsco 1319 posts
Aye, just get going with it, and most of all, enjoy yourself.
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Ninjato Spectator 1 posts
With girls i tend to give advice and let them try a few techniques, then when there ready i use holding or pinning techniques so they can try to get out, as they are there to learn as well, when they are ready then i dont hold back, and i have learnt a few things from them as well.

If you have beginers, you cant go to hard to soon, or they wont learn and wont be back. but you cant go to easy with them either. I train with some girls who would wipe the floor if someone went easy on them.

I have no problem who i train with. females males beginers, higher or lower belts. we are all there to learn.

So i think that a good balance between going easy to flat out, all depends on your partner your training with.


ohh i read 3 years for a black belt???

when i was younger that was an average for me from some of the schools i trained in.
But now i now better. While it is possible in three years, a person who takes 7-10 years will be much better prepared. It all depends on the actual student, there teacher and cirriculum, and how often they train.

our school takes around 7 years, but becuase they have that much to learn and master.

this is just my own opinion, but i hope people understand a black belt in 18 months isnt a real black belt. just too short of a time to absorb the full style of there school.
goshinjj Spectator 7 posts
who ever is the highest ranked is the best to train with as they will help you with your mistakes.
Amanda Spectator 1 posts
I'm a woman and I can tell you that I cannot stand when I can tell someone is hardly trying. If I wanted to have it easy like that, I would roll with a dummy.

I enjoy practicing with guys. I prefer women but it gives me a chance to get used to different body types. I'm stronger than a lot of women so it forces me to use technique instead of brawns. I really think the best way to perfect jui jitsu is to forget about strenght and look for leverage.

There are two different types of students, ones who will just pancake you and use their weight on you and those who will flow with you and work their technique. It all depends on their style.
Gary2811 Spectator 1 posts
I have no choice in my local WJJF Club: as the membership is quite small I am partnered with a young lady as we are the only 2 on the Blue Syllabus. She gives as good as she gets, doesn't worry about things like ground strangle escapes between the legs, and would give me a seriously hard time if I was to 'pull punches'!
urska_wa Spectator 1 posts
i am a girl and in my club i'm the only girl who compites in fighting system. so, i train with guys who all have higher belts, but they never hold back on me. this way i can train properly and i even get more strength when traing with guys and not girls.