Nerve techniques etc

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Robsco 1319 posts
Kieran, when you say freestyle, are you talking Pro/Semi Pro NHB? Cos I don't think Andy would be looking for much less.
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Kieran Regular 107 posts
Robsco i,m 33 and have been doing M.A. since I was thirteen.I,m also a qualified instructor.Your rules my game and if anyone would like to bet we will donate the winnings to a charity of the winners choice.

Are you guys up for it or what?
Kieran Regular 107 posts
No problem full contact if you like
Robsco 1319 posts
I don't think that's an offer Andy could refuse.

Just think we need to get something organised asap.

Andy, what's your thoughts?
The Admin Guy
Bassmonger Resident 198 posts
Hang I reading this right? BJJ against pressure points? I think we need some rules defining, or it could be a bit one-sided.

Also, where is this Kieran based? I'm guessing America, so I can't see this whole thing happening. It'd be interesting if it did though.

andy Resident 729 posts
my challenge was bjj vs pressure points but has seemingly be turned into kieron wanting an mma match with me :-O, how rude!

Kieron - I've been doing MA since I was 8 and am now 24, I'm also a qualified instructor.
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Sweaty Gi Moderator 120 posts
I think he's from Ireland.
Robsco 1319 posts
Well it certainly sounds that way, I just wanna see the outcome! :-D
The Admin Guy
sl Resident 855 posts
Well guys looks like its on so to speak! Keiron get yourself an easyjet into liverpool its only about £7 return something stupid like that from belfast. Sure you could find a venue round the northwest to settle this :-D We have cage fighting in liverpool now maybe sort it with the promoter.
Alien Newbie 20 posts
Let me guess this right

Pressure point fighting against BJJ - Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease

As much as I admire any Martial Artist and what they have achieved from Karate to Judo I can not see pressure point working against a skilled BJJ fighter in a one on one fight.

As I would see it (and not that I know) the concentration alone in just defending yourself from avoiding locks / chokes / armbars will allow no time at all for finding pressure points let alone getting these on.

BJJ fighters do not stay still - constantly working to achive there goal.

Sorry I see this as a no contest.

If this goes the MMA / Vale Tudo route where strikes are allowed then there is no chance pressure points are going to work.

This is just my view but can't some how see BJJ losing
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Kieran Regular 107 posts
No problem your rules my game.You can even make it full contact if you like.
trevek2 Addict 119 posts
I know the Gracie family were originally from Scotland but was it Edinburgh? That might explain the constant 'eh', eh? BTW, what does 'puto' mean?
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sl Resident 855 posts
Quick Google search brought this up.

spanish word for a male prostitute. sometimes it´s offensive for homosexuals. in mexico it is used for cowards and traitors.
trevek2 Addict 119 posts
Interesting, thanks a lot. Next question, what did the puto do the first time that means he gets his neck broken the next time (and why is he hanging around with so many putos?)
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steve Resident 217 posts
Haven't entered the melee for some time but could not resist this one.

Nerve / pressure points = places to apply pressure (strike or compression) to cause pain or interruption to normal bodily function...errr....punch to anywhere nerve runs over bone or tissue...say jaw, kick to similar...say shin, hip or b*llocks, strangulation (kata gatame) affecting vagal (sp?) nerve, joint lock of any sort...say armbar, poke in eye...nip of skin..., etc,etc...

Basically any sort of attack which hurts is a 'nerve attack' and for what its worth I agree that with Andy (not for the first time) that any of this so called targetted accupressure stuff delivered against a resistive opponent (as during a sparring session) is unlikely to be able to acheive, or have any significant immediate influence on the situation.

Maybe a strike to 'gall bladder 3' may cause the opponent to p*ss sideways for the next 10 years, who knows?:-O
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