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psychout Newbie 1 posts
Having not trained for a couple of years now, I was thinking of starting jujitsu again. I really enjoyed it but found a lot of what was being taught just not very practical for a street situation. What in your opinion is the most effective style in street fighting?
sl Resident 855 posts
two fast feet and a good mouth to diffuse or run:-D

Failing that an AK47 helps..

Seriously though been done to death i still favour JJ and Muay Thai.
ninja9578 Regular 92 posts
I think it mainly depends on the teacher. I had a ju jitsu instructor that barely taught any street techniques, but I also had a (believe it or not) tae kwon do instructor who taught me some of my most useful street techniques.

BJJ is probably the best designed for the streets, but it will depend on the instructer on just how much he will emphesize them.
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crazymofo55 Regular 41 posts
The best style is integrated martial arts. Every style has it's own competition rules and moves taking in account these rules such as in wrestling and judo there are moves designed specifically to pin an opponent to the mat. Obviously this will not win a real fight, but in these competitions they do help win. In kickboxing there is a stance optimized to throwing punches and kicks since there is no worry whatsoever about an opponent changing levels and shooting in. In wrestling and judo though they can shoot without worrying about getting hit. Mixed these together though properly with jujitsu to round off in submissions holds and you will be a well rounded martial artist.
So what is the most combat effective martial art by itself anyway? My guess is that it would be Russian Sambo since these are military fighting tactics. It is a modified form of jujitsu.
ninja9578 Regular 92 posts
Ah, yes, military martial arts are probably the best for street fighting. Krav Maga is also highly regarded and is used in doing hand to hand combat with terrorists in Israel.
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Kieran Regular 107 posts
Anything that works.Jujitsu is great but if you know another martial art and or not afraid to throw in a little street fighting.


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