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sl Resident 855 posts
Took the words right out of my mouth Dave just didn't have enough time to write however this is me after being pinched by a bruce lee wannabe :-X
Bassmonger Resident 198 posts
Dave, you violent sod- why have you been in so many fights?

Anyway, I think most of the sensible people are in agreement on this, it's not really rocket science is it? From my point of view, I'd take the lowest numbered option that's available from the following:

1. Avoid the situation in the first place
2. Use my eloquent conversational skills to calm any confrontation
3. Walk away
4. Leg it
5. Do whatever it takes* to get into a position where you can leg it
6. Do whatever it takes* to kick ass. And then leg it.
7. Turtle on the floor and try not to take too much damage. While screaming like a girl.

I'm not too keen on option 7, to be honest.

* including but not limited to: fancy jiu-jitsu sh!t, strikes, biting, gouging, nutting, multiple shots to the knackers, horse stance with Japanese-sounding screams, attempting to start a discussion on middle eastern politics, pretending to be gay, taisabaki, shouting "what's that behind you?", offering drinking challenges, faking a heart attack, faking an art attack (only Neil Buchanan can pull this one off), insinuating that attacker A has been having sex with various members of attacker B's family, unexpected disco dancing, claiming you: are the police/know someone really hard/have a gun/are famous/may flip out and chop heads off/heard that everyone else in the vicinity had been calling all your attackers 'poofaces'/etc.

sl Resident 855 posts

Bass my man you have just summed up TRUE self defence and made me chuckle..! Mofo take note.....................

Dave Addict 183 posts
Bassmonger is a legend and sums up the situation perfectly and in a funny as fook way. 10 out of 10.

Regarding the fighting bit bass as to why im always getting into gear. Well i think its coz i have one of those faces that people want to slap silly all the time. Also because there isnt a shortage of arseholes and piss heads who like to try and slap it.
Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Post
urban_samurai Newbie 14 posts
bloody hell that got a bit heated, i think i'm with the hit em hard and fast and f**K off method. Which i did.
one thing that happened after that i recently found out was these chavs who attacked me, came round to my house after i'd gone out to apologise, which i must admit takes some bollocks. But i think they only did this, because they thought about if 6 them couldn't do the job then what chance do they have if i got them individually? and it does make u wonder the extent the mind plays in a fight?
sl Resident 855 posts
Leave nasty scratches them soveriegns.....
urban_samurai Newbie 14 posts
damn right, i also had green stains cos they were wearing fake gold haha. my skin went all burberry.:-))
Mick Newbie 2 posts
Good job you didnt end up rolling on the floor with them cos the eau de alcopops would have rendered you unconsious in seconds
crazymofo55 Regular 41 posts
I figured I'd probably get flamed because if anyone really gives a gameplan to come out in a fight like that it automatically makes them look as if they are claiming to actually win those fights. I mean if somebody has a plan to escape from being attacked by a great white shark it will increase their chances for survival, but still won't leave a very good chance for survival.
Ok, talk about whipping a couple punks with some good shots to the dome. If this worked, then whoever wasn't in any real danger to begin with. Put in a real threat like somebody dangerous with a weapon, or somebody with a lot of friends who have the intent of stomping your brains in until you get sent to the hospital then it really takes some drastic measures to pull though. I've seen men that truly are dangerous. They got nothing to lose, don't care if they go to prison, and know that soon the cops will catch up to them anyway.
I'm going to state two rules that will stand in I don't care what self defense class or what freakin material you read. ALWAYS assume that there may be weapons. ALWAYS assume that there may be more attackers. My view on it is that assuming you can neutralize a threat like this with punches is much more big headed then a strategy involving doing what you have to do to get outta there.
Go to any halfway credible gym and you'll probably see guys there that can get hit all day and still keep fighting and training. In a self defense situation you may have a few seconds to neutralize an attacker. The only way to do this is to aim for pressure POINTS that are in vital AREAS. Anyone with common sense can at least think of a couple. If you don't believe a certain one will hurt enough, use the ones that you think will work.
With basic Judo it's not that difficult or complicated to set attacks like this up. Your basic grip can be used to simultaneously control a weapon and set up a throw so that you can land a quick attack at vitals on a downed attacker which will leave the opportunity to disarm him and make use of his weapon. Hip throw, major outer reaping.... basic judo....come on somebody at least has seen on tv army guys throwing each other to the ground like this pretending to pull a knife to the gut as they go down. (oh god, I can just see the flame posts as I type this crap because for the sake of intelligence I have to result to these oversimplifications).
These are all trapping techniques. There's no punching or kicking range attacks involved because the object is to control weapons and/or hinder the advancement of oncoming attackers while neutralizing threats as quickly as possible. (most behemoths at the bar even know how to twirl a guy's eyeball, it's not exactly the Art of the Flying Guillotine) And before I get flamed again for this, a front kick to the groin is only use if you are losing the grip on an arm your attacker is beginning to jerk away from you. If they turn to dodge that will allow you to maintain control of your grip and even help set up a throw. It is still technically a trapping range technique....
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A lot of good info mofo.
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Add to the above, always expect some w**ker who can't mind his own business to join in on the winning side. Had it happen to me once and saw it several times when I was working as a barman.
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Mofo your second post was alot better than your first.... my only "flame" .... would be.. in my opinion the kick in the nuts.. a good kick in the nuts in my opinion is a safe bet. You can be caught trying to pull a hip throw off. . . . but other than that some good points!