would you recommend the club?

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If I remember correctly, wasn't it Jigoro Kano who introduced the belt system when he started teaching Judo in schools? I once heard that the reason the black belt showed someone who had been training a long time was simply because you had a white belt and never washed it.
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Ok starting my first lesson of bjj tonight will keep you posted it's at the west stand notts county ground, guy called lee livingstone who's a blue belt.Got a mate to pick me up and take me and i pay for the lessons.God damn so nervous :-))
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Itll be alright .................
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Well really enjoyable lesson.A bit sore round my neck.Last 15 minutes i had to do 3 minutes spells of full resistance,escaping the mount,then me doing the mount.So thanx has this site created a little desire:-p for me to have a go ;-)