i fight on saturday

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Robsco 1319 posts
Cool, if ya want somewhere to host it drop me an email sometime.
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Kieran Regular 107 posts
Good luck Andy.

Is St. Johns going to be on stand by:-p

No seriously the best of luck Andy
Robsco 1319 posts
Good luck? It was last weekend! :-p
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Sweaty Gi Moderator 120 posts
Read the posts again :-))
Robsco 1319 posts
Me or him? :-p
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Sweaty Gi Moderator 120 posts
the reply was for kieran.

we posted at the same time
steve Resident 217 posts
If I were Andy I would not feel pressured to fight MMA again, against Hewell or anyone else. I don't know whether you enjoy competing MMA Andy, or not. It is a personal choise, however I do know that you thoroughly enjoys learning, coaching & competing BJJ and have a talent and aptitude for it.

To my mind whether a person is capable of winning MMA fights (I'm sure Andy is and could go on to be a top UK fighter) is not the issue, the real question is whether it is what they really want to do, not what any body else thinks they should be doing.

Competative MMA is suited to people who like to fight, who get a buzz out of beating other people up / inflicting damage (whether or not the opponent is a willing participant or not is irrelevant IMO).

BJJ is about testing skill & knowledge base against each other without the desire or necessity to hurt / injure an opponent, or oneself, which is surely more rewarding.

Sportsman or Fighter?... I personally prefer sportsman and have no interest in fighting...I would not look to get into a fight on a night out, it is not in my nature, so why would I look to get into a 'destructive' fight in a ring?

Geoff Thompson often recalls how he got involved in MA and doorwork because he did not like violence and in order to come to terms with it decided that exposure to it would be a sort of therapy. What he then found out was that the constant exposure & hardening to it was slowly altering his demeanor and he was becoming what he had originally detested.

He seems to have now reconciled this and brought his focus back to his real character, a friendly, sociable guy with a love of art & literature.

I got into MA about 20 years ago for similar reasons to Geoff's, was bullied a bit at school. I'm now pretty good at all MA I cross train in, decent stand-up, clinch and takedown, groundwork....but I still dont like 'fighting' and hopefully never will....I also coach netball now (both daughters play) and I really enjoy it.... to me its more rewarding helping youngsters develop active lifestyles and social interraction skills, than beating people up.

"Its not the size of the dog i
Robsco 1319 posts
I think it's a little stereotypical to say that everyone who gets in the cage/ring in a no-holds-barred fight is just there to inflict pain on someone else.

If you really wanted to do that, you'd surely go and find some bum on the street - that way you've got a much better chance of destroying them - why make it more difficult and try to beat someone who's obviously gonna be just as good as you.

It's not all about 'beating people up' steve, it wasn't for me when I had a crack, and I'm sure it's not for most people.

It's more about testing yourself, seeing what you need to learn, what you need to practice more, etc.

It's fine that YOU don't wanna take your training that far, and neither do I really, but you have your reasons, I have mine, and everyone else has theirs.
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andy Resident 729 posts
i only lost cos i got sick, if the 1st round was 10secs longer i would've won, i enjoyed the fight, i did it cos i wanted to.

everyone is allowed to beat you once!

i am now going to concentrate on bjj/sub grappling, i am working towards the adcc european trials. i will fight mma again, but after i get my brown belt.

mma is a test of skill, not a brawl
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Bren Addict 123 posts
MMA has had a lot of bad press lately, as most people have probably noticed. The "uncontrolled" competitions in the US which sparked all the fuss have tarnished the sport as a whole and, sadly, the liberal press seem to have latched on to this rediculous "modern day circus maximus" image because it sells papers. :-X
spider Regular 235 posts
Personally, I think MMA is far safer than boxing. A fight is over as soon as someone can no longer defend, not after the third time someone hit the floor dazed within a time period, but the first time.
MMA is the only sport I know that allows full force strikes to the head where fights end due to tap out. In MMA you could be tapped out in the first thirty seconds, with no head trauma at all, just a sore joint or ligament for a few days.
Fights that end up on the ground can be stopped with cuts under the eye that wouldn't effect a boxers sight.
Now that MMA has been around for a few years, I'd like some proper research into long term effects, comparing boxing to MMA. What are the effects of fifteen rounds of heavily padded gloves compared to three rounds with four ounce gloves? Have there ever been any serious injuries in MMA? Is a broken arm a serious injury when we compare the injuries from all other sports?:-|
andy Resident 729 posts
you cant hit as hard with 4oz gloves as you can with 10oz.
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spider Regular 235 posts
I spar with 18 ounce gloves, slow punches with plenty of padding. Would you really prefer to be hit with a 4 ounce glove?
andy Resident 729 posts
wearing bigger gloves enables you to punch harder as you arent at as much risk of damaging your hand, punch too hard with 40zs on and you'll smash you're knuckles.

mma was far safer before gloves were introduced because no one could really punch with any power, it just was a lot more bloody due to cuts.
"no weapon formed against me shall prosper"