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Jitsu-Jew Newbie 11 posts
I'm Jake from Detroit, MI (USA). I've been involved with BJJ for about 5 months now. First comp. this weekend. Police Officer by day.
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vegetta5 Newbie 2 posts
Stephen, from Fayetteville, AR USA, 4th dan JU-Jitsu been training for about 12 years or so, and I own a carpet cleaning business.
Partyboy Newbie 10 posts
hello, im adam [16] im a brown belt taking black in december
[ due to injurys ] :-X

i think my ju-jitsu is just erm the normal one? but i would liek to take it futher and get better training

look out for my stupid post's!!! :-p
Madoc Newbie 5 posts
im madoc 15 years of age, good on computers thinking of starting jujitsu so i can protect myself, live in west sussex england.
Madoc.... Want to learn to pro
gkmarino Newbie 1 posts

Im Gerard Marino, Los Angeles based videogame/film/tv music composer. Recently promoted to green belt in Mushin-Ryu TJJ (an off-shoot of Danzan-Ryu, as I suppose most California based TJJ schools are). I've been lurking around this site for about 3 years, and obviously think it rocks mightily.
Willsleeptilnoon Newbie 8 posts
Hey everybody,
My name's Justin. I'm 19 years old and live in Palm Harbor, FL (close to Tampa). I am a NiDan in Ishinryu Karate and have been training for about seven years. I teach karate full time and also hold a morning job as a Customer Service Representative for a shipping company.
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Robsco 1319 posts
Hey Justin,

Welcome to the site! I hope you find it as useful as so many other regular guys and girls we have.

Keep posting!
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Lyndsey Newbie 10 posts
Hey all, I'm Lyndsey I'm 20 and i live between southport and preston in the northwest.

I'm a full time Nursery Nurse working with 0-2 year olds, which can be nice and stressful but very rewarding.

As for hobbies, well im into my cars in a big way especially the classic Mini :-D And the other fairly obvious one would be jujitsu lol Got my black belt back in '99 then gold tab part 1 in '00, then unfortunately i got a rather bad injury causing me to take some time out, just around the same time my old club started messing around with who taught where and with my gcse's i decided enough was enough. Well earlier this year finally got round to finding a new club,.. and instead of starting where i left off im going straight for my senior black, so revising like mad, and training as much as possible, just need to watch i dont aggrivate my old injury/ find ways around it.... swinging weapons around is all good a fun, but when i have limited grip in my left hand due to tearing the ligaments in my thumb it becomes well even more fun :-))

Anyways Hello :-D
TheMostDeliciousHat Newbie 1 posts
Hey all,

Been lurking around your site for a bit now, and I thought I'd Say hi.


I live in Canada. And I train in Sport Kickboxing. It's a mixed style thats more standup then grappling, but I still enjoy grappling quite a bit. Your site has improved my skills and taught me so much. So I thought I'd say thanks.

Name's Mat, by the by.
Bassmonger Resident 198 posts
Fiver says Rob was hitting on this Lyndsey character within 5 minutes of their post.

Anyway, I'm Marc, I sometimes sweat whilst wearing a blue belt a Gracie Barra in Sheffield. And I've not been on this site in ages. Nice to see it's still as dead as ever.

rotters Newbie 2 posts
hi all, new here, im 29 live in southampton withmy wife and son. im a senior staff nurse in theatres and soon starting a senior post in cardiothoracic intensive care. I started Ju Jitsu in january and have so far been to the nationals once, going to the randori nationals in noveber though. im only a yellow belt but am currently loving my training. my style of JJ is TJF dont know if anyone here is of that style? im from a very small dojo but we are very lucky to have a second dan as our sensai. (there are only 3 dan tiers n our style.)

well thats me

will chat loads im sure.

ninja9578 Regular 92 posts
I'm Jon. I'm 21 and a college student. I'm a track runner who started martial arts really young for fun. I'm a 3rd degree black belt in Okinawan Karate, a 1st gup and All-American in Soo Bahk Do, and a blue belt in BJJ. I haven't grappled in over 6 years and am trying to get back into it.
Blue Belt - Gracie JJ
3rd Degree Black Belt - Shorin Ryu
Red Belt w/ two stripes - Soo Bahk Do
Genesis Newbie 6 posts
My Names Zach

I'm a 1st Dan in USJJF and Kwanmukan Ju-Jitsu, and a Brown Belt in Tae Kwon Do

I've been studying jujitsu for about 4 years now, i picked up Tae Kwon Do 2 years ago too help with the Punching and Kicking Aspect.

Over this past summer i was inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and just so yal know, i'm only 17 ;)

Well thats me.
My name is Borat, I am from Kazahkstan
Robsco 1319 posts
Welcome to the forum Zach!
The Admin Guy
DEANO Newbie 2 posts
Im Deano 39, retired police officer, 1st dan judo and traditional jitsu, (have been for years) just getting into brazilian jitsu, seems to me to be just an extention of the original jitsu. Although i think it defends on the level of jitsu you have been doing, I have seen many, many styles over the years, those that do the fancy elaborate jitsu are unfortunately going to be left behind.
MJ Regular 32 posts
Whats with the capital letters?
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Blackout Newbie 5 posts
Hello all my name is Shaun
I reside and live in British Columbia Canada I am a senior meat clerk.

Ever since a very young age I have always been interested in protecting myself but I have also been one to be very conservative to when, where and to what extent I protect myself.
My favorite quote: "It takes more of a man to walk away from a fight then to get in one".
I am honestly thinking about taking further training have gone to see about it already but have come up short on what I want. All that I do know has been self trained.
My self training has mainly been Tai Chi Chuan with various other street style variables put up into the mix of things along with studies in a few other form's and well to finish it all off I am 29.
nav Spectator 2 posts
Hi everyone,
My name is Mike, I live in Sierra Vista, AZ (USA) and U.S. Army retired. I started Jui-Jitsu a little over two years ago and I'm having a blast. Started after watching my 12yr old daughter who's in Karate and Jui-Jitsu. Hey the young guys have to have some one to beat on... :-)
action_man24 Spectator 3 posts

Hi Robsco are you the Rob Brown that did a seminar in Grimsby in 2001 at Daves club?.

If so please send me an email grimsy.jujitsu@googlemail.com

cheers Trev
Davies1978 Spectator 20 posts
Hi I'm Simon, Started with Shukokai 1st Kyu then a little judo (not for long) some Goju and kickboxing, thinking about some Bjj at gracie barra in Swansea when my heart problem is sorted waiting for pacemaker or something (Dr's eh) like to learn how to grapple my standup is not great but I hit hard so thats always been a help. Not working at the mo for obvious reasons! I miss my training!!!!
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