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AndyMolyneux Spectator 9 posts
Hi Guys
I'm Andy. 1st Dan in Hankyo Kempo Ju Jitsu and a brown belt in Junsei Ryu Hoshin Justu. I'v just got back into the art after a a few years out. (We had a baby). I'm enjoying the training because it is a traditional style and the techniques are nasty! Beats the BJJ and MMA hands down! Before everyone starts shouting and saying BJJ & MMA are the best, I've done both for a long time and the techniques and training in MMA/BJJ are great for a sport but as a self defence.....I don't think so! MMA/BJJ guys just want to get the fight on the ground and usually end up pulling their opponent on to their guard, try doing that in a pub! The MMA guys that are happy to stand up and exchange a few punches always seem to lead with their head and put so much effort into every punch it leaves them off balance and easy to throw/take to the floor! I hope you guys dont think I'm being an arse but I'm getting a bit tired of BJJ/MMA instructors shouting about how it is the best self defence!

I look forward to some feedback on what seems to be a controversial issue.

Kung-Fu Spectator 31 posts
I have studied Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu for four years and achieved the rank of assistant instructor. I have also studied Boxing and Jiu Jitsu. I find that a lot of the mma techniques which are prohibited on the ground drastically favor the grappler (did anybody see Renzo get knocked silly when Frank Shamrock threw some illegal knees while side mounted?) there are some nasty ways of taking out ppl on the ground which may sometimes act as a counter to sport jiu-jitsu/mma techniques. with that in mind I still thing BJJ is one of hte best self defense arts for one on one combat out there
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green sid Spectator 33 posts
Hello to everyone, my name is Sid. I currently live near Aldershot and run a tyre business. I live with a beautiful woman,we have five kids and two dogs. At the momentI practise judo and sometimes jujitsu. Also looking to start bjj.
Davies1978 Spectator 20 posts
Hello Guys, I posted a little while back as Simon and then went into hospital and forgot my password so re registered. Anyway had my pacemaker fitted so will be looking for a place to rain soon. Will be living in Swansea within the next month or so. I have studied Karate to 1st Kyu (shukokai) goju ryu, tried judo for a bit and also aikido, really want to learn BJJ and there is a club in swansea. Yay.
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Davies1978 Spectator 20 posts
Oh forgot did some kickboxing too!!
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Jam7373 Spectator 2 posts
Hey guys im Jim and im a purple belt in brazilian jujitsu and I have a boxing backround. I was born and raised in Philadelphia PA and I fell in love with MMA when i was a kid.
Mobstarr Spectator 45 posts
Hello I'm Cat 19 from Lancashire, England. From a traditional Ju-Jitsu background where I achieved my 1st dan two months ago and have just started BJJ and love it. I'm a customer service assistant but will hopefully be a copper soon!!

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Dopeman Spectator 9 posts
Hey, have been doing BJJ / Traditional Jiu Jitsu for about 8 months, I have my first grading coming up for my yellow belt (traditional) - which is a bit over due. I also have my first comp in Aug, so any tips would be great
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von k Spectator 30 posts
Hi my name is Konrad, I am 26 year DJ in Europe. I love martial arts and hold black belt in Judo and Jujitsu.
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ianf Spectator 2 posts
Hi i'm 28 and live in kent with my gf and 1year old son. Took up Ju Jitsu in June this year. i have my first grading in september. well enjoying it. may take up a second martial art to complement the jj. can anyone recommend anything or should i concentrate soley on one for the time being?
Andy MMA Spectator 14 posts
Hi all. I've been doing Jujitsu and submission grappling for abour 6 years now. I recently got approached to help start a new MMA school in Telford Shropshire. Of course I jumped at the chance so we are kicking off in mid September. I'll be looking after the takedowns/defences and ground fighting, Lee Whitfield (ranked in the top 10 of British PRO Kickboxers)is handling the stand up stuff along with Doug Wildman (thai boxing) and Paul Bennet (kickboxing). Anyone in the area is welcome to come along. The class will be on a tuesday or thursday and a saturday(to be confirmed).

I can't wait to get going!
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Bryce Doherty Spectator 10 posts
My names Bryce, 22 and I live in South Shields next to Newcastle (geordie land). I work in admin and plan to move in to the fitness industry or RAF. I have been practising trad. Ju Jitsu for 3 years and I'm studying for my 1st Dan. I like to do a bit of kickboxing to complete my stand up game.

In response to Von k, I would train in one discipline for a few month then decide what fighting skills you can add with other arts, so you can make an informed decision.

Does any one know of any North East grappling competitions?
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von k Spectator 30 posts
Hello Bryce, I think you have responded to the wrong person.
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Bryce Doherty Spectator 10 posts
Ha, indeed, ianf asked the question. Whoopsy!
"Shear blunt trauma, followed by technical form!"
TOM Spectator 1 posts
Hi everyone my name is Tom and i just joined a DOJO in Kensington. My Trainer is Sensei Lloyed. As i have a torn ACL i'am limited with my Training. so i started to train with Bo Staff and Eskrima Stick's.

like to say thanks to all the people who build this site fantastic for newbies like me Well Done !!
Prof. Akers Spectator 15 posts
Who - Stuart I'm 59 and yes I'm still active - even there!
I live in the world best kept secret - Cumbria, right on the coast, looking back at the lakes.
I do jujitsu which I've done for the last 42 years (Jesus this makes me sound ancient).
In my earlier incarnation I fought full/ semi contact kickboxing and before that in karate competitions.
I've just recovered from a cancer scare which is why I have time to look around and see such nice new sites, I was always either teaching or training or fighting before.
They tell me it's good to slow down -
My advice to younger people,keep going, keep fit and one day you'll make it.
When I got cancer one of the first thoughts was 'I wonder if they'll give em a 10th dan now?' How sad is that.
That's it really, quite boring but glad to be here.
welshdragon30 Spectator 2 posts
Can anyone help me find a jujitsu club close to me i live in tamworth, i`ve looked at other clubs but nothing could compare to jujitsu please help??????
Rock Spectator 11 posts
New Brunswick, Canada. Sankyu rank Jukaijutsu Dojo Hombu Bathurst.
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Payload Spectator 12 posts
"Well that narrows it down? I get the feeling most people into Martial Arts have something to do with computers!!! "

Thats why you dont mess with the system admins.

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dean Spectator 1 posts
can i ask when the text belt levels will be complete ?? i like to learn more