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Jeff Spectator 14 posts
My name's Jeff Sawyer, and I already entered this stuff in what I realise now was probably the wrong place - doh!

I've got 28 years in Ju-Jitsu - now a 5th Dan.
I've cross-trained extensively in Kali and Muay Thai. Done a bit in Boxing.
Ex Metropolitan police officer (London, England)did nearly 15 years before getting seriously hurt and medically retired.
Ex-B.G.(Close protection) all over the place but mostly in Europe and West Africa.
Now living and teaching in Le Marche, Italy, where I run a residential martial arts and retreat centre.
I am married to a brilliant woman, and we have two amazing kids.
I committed to the Buddhist path about 13 years ago.
Still training,and I teach daytime and evenings throughout the week to private citizens (men and women but no kids at the moment - maybe later), Carabinieri (the para-military police here in Italy), traffic police, and some British ex-pats.
Having a great time!
Jeff Sawyer
puertorican_fighter Spectator 15 posts
hey, name's Noel 24 yrs old.

I'm the Site Supervisor of Security company at a Pharmaceutical called Actavis.

I just went to a Martial Arts Dojo for some info and they said they teach MMA & JJ/BJJ which is what I like!

the instructor is a BJJ blackbelt.

This is something I love to do...for the fun, fitness, and fighting...I'm puertorican, I love to fight lol

o yea,. I'm from NJ, USA
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M Spectator 4 posts
My name is Murtaza (Mo), im 24yrs old .

Live in the UK - Hertfordshire/London. I work in hayes as a Data Centre Support Engineer.

I am now training in Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu.

I use to train about 9 years ago... but due to school commitments i could not keep it up, so i left at yellow belt. Now im 24 i have re-joined the old dojo.

What brought me back to "ishin ryu JJ" was the no nonsense stlye of this particular JJ MA but still keeping the old JJ tradition alive.

On top of that the fitness demand has increased ten folds sinse i left... as im not a good gym person. I thought it would be a good idea to mix a MA i really enjoy toghether with increase of fitness.

:0 ...oss!
Robsco 1319 posts
Hey Mo, welcome to the forum.

Working in Hayes huh? I live there!
The Admin Guy
Alansmurf Spectator 21 posts

Robsco where are you training ?

fancy a session in Staines ?

0lliez0rz Spectator 7 posts
Hey, my names Ollie and I live in Nottingham. I'm new to this forum and signed up 'cause i'm interested in starting Jujitsu - I've done some Jeet Kune Do before and I'm currently doing Karate at my local Leisure centre. Does anyone know of any Jujitsu clubs in Nottingham?
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vesheba Spectator 1 posts
My name is nick i live in stockport (near manchester) im a 1st dan in traditional jujitsu however ive studied since i was 5 with my father and 2 uncles in Aikido,Hapkido and Karate...... oh yeah i also teach karate in schools and im also a personal trainer.
Ashiro Spectator 7 posts
Doug. Ashiro is my middle name btw - not a proud claim. My dad was a Jap fanatic. ;)


== Ju Jutsu ==
2nd Kyu Jujutsuka (as of Aug 2008) and my club is: Tai Jutsu Kai in the West Midlands. Headed by sensei Ross Iannoccaro. Club patron is Soke Fumon Tanaka.

Regularly train hanbo, bo and trying to get into nunchaku.

Previously trained in Wing Chun.

== Me ==
Web developer by trade and director of my own web company with 3 others in the West Midlands, UK.
Tai Jutsu Kai
West Midlands, UK
fuzzied1980 Spectator 6 posts
My name is Dean. I am a 1st Dan in wado karate and white belt in the wonderful art on Brazilian Jiujitsu. Been training for 8 months under Andy Roberts.

Sales Manager - GE Capital
On a mission to dominate the BJJ World
Taiga89 Spectator 2 posts
im Tai, i work in IT, and im studying ju-jitsu to build self confidence as well as self-defence!

you could say my main base is in birmingham as my parents live here and im still a little shy and... well... poor to move out for real, but i work all over! i mostly use public transport systems which can be a nightmare for the timid like me.

my reasons for learning ju jitsu are mostly to build my self confidence and self defence technique! but im hoping with alot of practice when im ready to spar, it will improve my physique :)

ive always been kicking myself for being so easily bullied by people bigger than me or groups, im not trying to use ju-jitsu as a quick fix for my social anxieties, i know thats something i need to work on myself, but i figure if i study this art and really put some energy and commitment into this, ill respect myself more, and wont let myself be pushed around.

nice to meet you all forum! :D

hope you can change this later on, im new to this :) im new, sorry if i bug you too much with questions!

dennis_thompson Spectator 1 posts
Hi all,

Im Den,

basically interested in joining a Jujitsu club in south shields under a reputable instructor.

Did kickboxing in my teens then nothing til 30, two cowboy instructors in a row put me off, but im back and wanting to try Jujitsu, but again, how can I find a reputable instructor?
Prefer south shields,


Kieran Regular 107 posts
Hi Im Kieran from Derry Northern Ireland

Have studied trad ju-jitsu 10years
karate 6 years
kickboxing 4years
Akido the last two years
Take a trad jujitsu class once a week
Akido class one a week
And Akido-jujitsu class twice a week.

At 38 I plan to be doing this for the rest of my life.

Robsco great site since i was last here hows Andy doing?

I work at a mortgage consultant
arkeologist Spectator 2 posts
hi im bru, work in engineering in stoke uk
you do Liger style?, what its tiger style but your lying about it?
stud Spectator 2 posts
Hi guys. I am Nathan from Baltimore, Maryland USA. I am in the U.S. Air Force and recently started Ju Jitsu. I have been through Modern Army Combatives training that focused on BJJ.

I figured that Traditional Ju Jitsu would be a better sport to start in and then move to BJJ.

The Dojo that I go to teaches without sparring when you are in the begginer ranks so I am just learning the technique right now and will transition into Full Contact/Speed when i have my techniques down. My plan is to take Traditional Ju Jitsu for about a year and then move into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Any advice?

Nice forum!
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jonnyriley Spectator 3 posts
why don't you start bjj now?its never to soon.what i'm trying to say to you is both arts are good,have great simularities but are yet worlds apart.i could go on forever about why, and the history of martial arts and facts.but just study a bit,you'll catch my drift.books,wiklepeadia(or what ever its called)youtube footage etc.theirs knowlege everywhere.so do them both as their not the same art!
mccauley Spectator 20 posts
im in just plain jj, im training under andy wi;shaw 7th dan i think, im regulay green and im 11
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rne02 Spectator 33 posts
Hi all

Paul, 39, living and training in Grimsby (UK). Started training about 6 weeks ago and enjoying, just passed my first grading.

Work in Shipping, 2 kids, 1 wife & 1 cat :-)
Mac69 Spectator 1 posts
JUST started BJJ, been to 2 classes so far and I love every single second of it. 12 years old, living in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada and training under Mike Froster, 5th dan. He goes for his 6th dan next month.
Jiujitsu009 Spectator 1 posts
hi to jiujitsu fanatics out there!!! Please visit our site (www.bjjedge.com)

in that site their are White and Blue belt videos from the 2009 World Jiu

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MrsMould. Spectator 4 posts
im a returner to the Dojo, i trained for 5 years until i was 16 in Jikishin Ju Jitsu, then after an 8 year break due to an operation and starting a new job, i have decided to take up my well - missed hobby again. At the moment i only train once a week as i ease back into training and hope to do at least 3 times a week like i used to, Unfortunately i'm not with Jikishin anymore, but i've joined a wonderful new club, im just gutted it took so long to get back on the mat. currently a brown belt and hoping to have that black belt attained asap!