Who, Where, What, Why?

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Davyk Spectator 5 posts
37, live in liverpool with my much much much better half and our wonderful son.
graded in a few different things but concentrated on jujitsu for a long time now... 17 yearsish after coming from shotokan and kyokushin and some others... ahem
train at the lowlands association in west derby
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hong-kong_phooey Spectator 1 posts
Who: Greg, 31
Where: WA USA - but wandering frequently
What: general jujitsu and other martial arts
Why: Self-protection and general martial arts interest.
I practiced tae kwon do (sp?) for a few months in my teens and quit after losing interest at yellow belt level.
I became interested in Taijiquan and took a semester of Yang form but was unconvinced of it's practical application, though I enjoyed the movements and meditative set.
Then last summer I picked up an old little used book on jujitsu published by the first Westerner to study and become a master in Japan or something. Great little book; no bullshit, just simple moves that can be handy if someone tries to grab you or attack.
After giving it a read I went through what I could remember of the taiji form and noticed a whole new view of each move: seeing arm and wrist locks, throws and broken bones.
When I returned to washington from oakland I chanced on a studio that teaches a hybrid of Chen Taiji, Jujitsu, and Wing Chun with an open door smattering of elements from kung fu styles and such. I studied there for a couple months but have been busy lately with holidays, family, etc.
Mainly I'm here to have a handy resource of information and to meet others of similar interests in the online aethers :)
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2v1977 Spectator 3 posts
Hi guys

I'm Wayne from GT Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. I was bitten by the Brazillian JJ bug just over a year ago but unfortunately the club I was attending was very big on ego and nearly had my arm broken by a crazed student, I also work offshore (oil rigs) so had a problem making the classes, I then came across the gracie university and purchased the Gracie combatives DVD set, the tutorials are amazing and you feel like you are getting a 1-1 lesson at the gracie academy, it really works well for me to train this way as I have converted my garage into a gym and along with a couple of friends are well on our way to our blue belts. I would advise anyone to give the gracie university a look.I had trained in boxing, kick boxing, thia boxing and Karate but this was all a few years back, After a long lay off (10 years) I am now fully comitted on my path to Gracie Jiu Jitsu mastery.

All the best guys and speak soon
CoundonJuJitsu Spectator 1 posts
Hey guys I'm Callum and I am currently working offshore in the oil & gas industry.

I started my foray into martial arts as a youngster learning Tae Kwon do under Jim Eldon in London. I was also studying Judo at the same time

I then carried my Tae Kwon do into the British army where I competed in the army national championships.

Since 2001 I have not really done much until I started taking my 4 YO to ju jitsu (traditional) in the north east, he then asked me if I would do it also so I could hardly say no.

Sadly I now have the bug, I bought some mats and have my boy practicing all the time which he loves as do i.

mouseamillion Spectator 2 posts
I am Ben (29yr) aka mouse from Morecambe in Lancashire UK. I study traditional jujitsu under sensei Andy manwaring (7th Dan lan kin fa)and sensei Paul Nelis (5th Dan) who studied under Prof Bill Rankin (10th Dan). Sensei manwaring inherited the lan kin fa style when sensei Rankin passed away and started the red rose bushido kempo jujitsu dojo. I have been training on and off (don't you hate the way home and work life gets in the way of training) for around 6 months now, I am just about to sit my green belt grading. Previously trained in full contact kickboxing training under sensei Kash Gill (3 x world champ) reaching brown belt level.
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petterson 1 posts
who.why,where etc are interrogative sins . thanks for it