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Fu Jow Regular 39 posts
Whats your favorite technique and why? I think mine has got to be the elbow strike because it is devestating and puts the whole hip and body into the strike. Either that or maybe knees from the head clinch.
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Robsco 1319 posts
Landing knees from a head clinche can be devastating, but landing it is obviously tricky.

Helicopter arm-bar for me - not easy but a bit snazzy.
The Admin Guy
Fu Jow Regular 39 posts
that does sounds tough to pull off:-)) but as for subs i love the rear naked "lionkiller" choke...it's so effective. rickson mustve won like 90%of his pride fights with it.
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CoreyL Regular 27 posts
Last night grappling with a dude I had him in an open guard, he reached for my neck and I slipped it into a triangle choke... That was pretty cool. But for favorite technique, probabally the guillotine. It's way too easy for me to apply that on 90% of the people I've gone to the mats with.
Ketto Ryu Ju-Jitsu
Fu Jow Regular 39 posts
Yea, the guillotine is very easy to apply, but also easy to defend for a seasoned grappler. On the street, it may actually work though. i was grapplin with a guy who weights litterally 2x my weight, and he mounted me...so i did an upa escape, passed his guard and caught him with an americana from teh mount...but then again, he had next to no grappling training at all...
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sl Resident 855 posts
how did he manage to mount you then?:-p

Plain and simple for me its the armbar (from guard, mount flying whatever.)
Fu Jow Regular 39 posts
O, i actually let him mount me, then we worked the sparring from there.:-))
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