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mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
Hi everyone, just signed up to the forum. I'm Michael, recently moved to te north of England from Glasgow. I train with Sensei Ray Debois at the St Helens WJJF club. Hope to catch some of you round the forums.

All the best,
ejharte Spectator 23 posts
Hay micheal, I'm new to this forum too, and like you am in the WJJF (I train at the club in Newton Aycliffe) hope your finding the syllibus all right xD It gets harder the higher you go. WIth each new belt grading comes more agression. Good Luck!
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jiu-jitsu Spectator 1 posts
I am also new to this forum. I train under Robert Drysdale in las vegas.
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mccauley Spectator 20 posts
hey im mccauley im 11 nd in the uk, i train with andy wilshaw at bolton arena im currantly a green belt, and i was wondering do you know where there are some tournimants in the uk area round bolton.
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mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
Hi everyone and thanks for your messages, great to hear from some like-minded people. Things are going great thanks egharte, really enjoying it and getting my head around the syllabus. Am currently yellow, training for orange. McCauley - have you found any tournaments near Bolton? JJ - thanks for the message - I had a look at the Drysdale website - the pics are great. It must be awesome being in the desert - great to train!
mccauley Spectator 20 posts
not yet there are grappaling but grappeling isent my thing, im more into combat as in striking and throws
fists are your best wepon(screw brass knuckels)
mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
Fair enough matey! Whatever floats your boat.


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