NatGeo at 10 tonight might be good

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Robsco 1319 posts
virgin channel 232 in HD anyway
The Admin Guy
Robsco 1319 posts
Really good programme, featuring Dean Lister, Tito, Randy, and another I can't remember the name of.

Anyone know of how to take recorded programmes from your V+ box to the PC and I'll post it.
The Admin Guy
spider Regular 235 posts
What was it called? Is it the one with Baz Rutten where they measure the science behind combat?
spider Regular 235 posts
Ok, I've looked it up, and it was. I've seen that one. It's also got another on that series about traditional self defense.
Rickson Gracie Newbie 36 posts
They all sissies and girls!!! They come Brazil and make program on me, I show them how fight like men!!!!
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