Weakest Fighting Art?

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Fenon Regular 25 posts
BJJ has a weakness, and if the fighter knows about it they can cause you guys serious trouble, heck even the Gracies had trouble with the guy that found the styles weakness.
Angry Regular 88 posts

ju jitsu
kung fu

not in that they arent nice for doing a hobby just they have not moved on from tradition, cars get better, mma gets better, tma's stay the same. and also most places dont do enough sparring, or hard sparring realistic to a fight "Bad weather all the time"
"Bad weather all the time"
Fenon Regular 25 posts
I can't say that boxing could be a good style really it's very stationary and only realise on punches where as Kung Fu is a complete fighting style.

Question: would you say boxings more of a sport than a fighting style?
Rob H Newbie 10 posts
'Angry' I think you need to say 'traditional Ju Jitsu' is bad because I will have to disagree with any claim that all Ju Jitsu is not taught in a realistic style; I practice 'Combat Ju Jitsu' and it is very effective indeed. Concentration, relaxation, mental and physical conditioning
Concentration, relaxation, men
andy Resident 729 posts
Fenon - What is Bjj's weakness?
pain is temporary, pride is forever. www.roycegraciesheffield.com
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andy Resident 729 posts
Boxing is a very good fighting art, kung fu isn't. pain is temporary, pride is forever. www.roycegraciesheffield.com
"no weapon formed against me shall prosper"
Fenon Regular 25 posts
BJJ relies on the other person moving in a certain way, there was a guy that was named the Gracie hunter because was beating them all by attacking in that way. I think this was in the Japanese Pride competition. This isn't something I came up with I got it from a programme about martial arts.
Robsco 1319 posts
'BJJ relies on the other person moving in a certain way' - WTF!!!! This topic is getting a bit stupid now, if you don't know what you're talking about....don't talk.

Don't pass judgment on something that you 'watched a TV programme about'. --------- Robsco! 'I'm sure your style is impressive on other planets, however, your weak link is that this is Earth'
The Admin Guy
Fenon Regular 25 posts
I don't pass jugdement but these guys were experts on martial arts. Also the Gracies were talking on this programme.
Alien Newbie 20 posts
BJJ or Gracie JiuJitsu is an excellent style.

You can't judge a style because one person beats another in a fight.

Most of the top fighter in the world do a form of BJJ within there training.

The likes of Mario Sperry, Bas Rutten etc do ground work which is based on BJJ or at least certain aspects of it.

The Gracies are responsible for the modern way of ground fighting. Things may have moved on and other fighters have got better but don't knock it.

The early MMA events were dominated by these people.

If Kung Fu was that good why aren't they UFC and Pride Champions "hell ain't a bad place to be"
"hell ain't a bad place to be"
calisto68 Newbie 1 posts
Sorry to be pedantic but the chap who stated that Jeet Kune Do was the weakest martial art should know that JKD isn't an art, or a style for that matter. Probably the best way to look at it is to think of it as a canvas, and yer fling on the paint in yer own way. So, as a consequence, we train in BJJ (hard work for a fat lad like me!!), Muay Thai, Shooto, Kali and we are encouraged to explore whatever's out there (dependent on our abilities, of course). Take what is useful, discard what is not and add specifically what is your own, to paraphrase Bruce Lee. You still might think it's a load of crap but it works for me. Great site and all the best. Mike
Branni Newbie 11 posts
You guys can all argue till you grow old! The fact that the Gracies are getting beat is because everyone now knows the basics of Gracie jiu jitsu! The Gracies beat themselves when they started teaching their style to everyone many years ago, so how can anyone say their style has a weakness. If there is such a thing as a weakness it is that everyone around the world has directly or indirectly learned some of the Gracie Style. Your stupid if you think Sakuraba didn't train in Brazilian jiu jitsu before he beat Royler etc. Style on style Gracie jiu jitsu will beat any!(FACT) It's a new world now and everyone is cross training, including the Gracies who the whole martial arts world should be thankful too for opening eyes and making it a much more exciting world to be involved in. Cross training is where it's at now and you people are'nt mentioning fitness! You can trian in as many great arts as you want but if your out of shape physically and mentally, your about as much use as sand paper bog roll.

P.S No one has mentioned Russian Sambo as an excellent and dominant martial art!


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Branni Newbie 11 posts
sorry for the spelling mistakes in my last post.

Does anyone know of any Brazilian Jiu jitsu clubs near the Lake District(Cumbria)?

I train in combat jiu jitsu and thai boxing but i'd like to study Brazilian jiu jitsu in great detail.
I've bought every book and video on the market, but if you don't have quality guys to train with then their not much use.

I'm willing to travel so any info back would be great. BRANNIGAN
" There is no moment you are m
Robsco 1319 posts
Check out the club directory on SFUK.net for clubs around there, sure there must be one or two. --------- Robsco! 'I'm sure your style is impressive on other planets, however, your weak link is that this is Earth'
The Admin Guy
Branni Newbie 11 posts
Thank you very much for the info robsco, it's much appreciated. BRANNIGAN
" There is no moment you are m
Fenon Regular 25 posts
I like Bas Rutten, shame he retired.
andy is a lost cause Newbie 3 posts
Every fighting art has weaknesses you fools.

It's the fighter not the art, always!

BJJ is some serious stuff, but so are all the others in theory. Give some no guts pansy some BJJ and they'll still get waxed by a true fighting spirit. You know the red faced nothing else in my mind but to defeat you spirit?
andy Resident 729 posts
ok, fu@fu.net, got a problem with me? pain is temporary, pride is forever. www.roycegraciesheffield.com
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Wahahahahahahaha Newbie 2 posts
Thats why you should learn other styles not just one try to fight some one in bjj, with some boxing back ground, 3 punches in under 2 seconds. with a great ground fighting style. good luck Chris Hick
Chris Hick
warriorpoetxll Newbie 4 posts
I think most of you have brought valid points to the table. But the truth of the matter is all these matches seen and unseen are but simulation as close to the real thing as possible, yes. However consider this if you were in a true combat situation be it street or other wise would you rather be able to disable enemy with single strike to the throat,knee,nose. Or more real and to the point most real fights end up on the ground/street eventualy u will need to know how to work close/from the ground. Know yourself and Know your enemy!