Weakest Fighting Art?

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Jesse Newbie 16 posts
if i had to say one id probably say tai kwon do, but what do i really know. I think that all styles have strengths and weaknesses so a person would be smartest to take more than one style to balance themself out.
steve Resident 217 posts
Fighting is the best style to use to win fights...why call it anything else? Best way to become good at it is to do it....go and pick fights with the best fighters, till you either become the best or end up battered & brain dead. Obviously what I've just said is stupid, but really so is this thread....train what you like, because you like it. "Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog"
"Its not the size of the dog i
Ross Regular 100 posts
If i had to say what the strongest fighting style is i would say Wrestling, as say a wrestler is fighting a world class boxer or kickboxer, the kicks and punches are useless if the wrestler takes him down, same for a wrestler vs a great grappler, the submissions are useless if you cant take the wrestler down.
Wrestling also has great history, i.e. its a very aggressive sport guuys will always fight for dominance and top position, and i have never ever seen a weak wrestler.

Wrestling + subs and strikes is the best way My prediction is pain
frydrystrikergrappler Newbie 2 posts
I thing the weakest art honestly in my opinion would have to be karate. It has no actual contact like in practice. U have to pull your punches. And if u watch ufc it didn't last at all. Know the strongest art would be i would say u have to cross train. U have to be able to strike grapple clinch fight and counter fight other styles. Its an endless journey i'm finding and theres always something to train in.
shady Newbie 5 posts
I'd have to say origami but for those who say jeet kune do is one of the weakest? I'd have to disagree with them. Over the last 15 years I have taken Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Ju Jitsu. Out of those 4 I'd have to say kung fu was the weakest but JKD (jeet kune do) is far from weakest.
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MICKQ Newbie 5 posts
I would have to say tae kwon do. grab them and they are screwed. isn't Judo a sport not an art Angry?
PrideFighter76 Newbie 1 posts
I personally don't believe that there is a weak form of MA. It all depends on what kind of heart the user has. The man that comes out on top is always going to be the man that trains harder, wants it more and brings it all come fight time. I hold 3rd degree black belts in both Ju-Jitsu and Shotokan Karate so I can appreciate both worlds and what they have to offer.
Ross Regular 100 posts
mickQ - i believe judo can be seen as a sport and as an art, the same as tkd, karate or muay thai.

i think as with most sports/ma's its who and how u train. but strongest are - wrestling judo, jiujitsu (not traditional or japanese jujitsu) boxing, muaythai. most other things are pretty shit, as if u put a guy who trained wrestlnig for 10 years against a jkd guy who had trained for 10 years, the wrestler would smash him. My prediction is pain