Your own techniques?

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Fenon Regular 25 posts
Does anyone think up their own techniques? While I was training today I came up with one which I liked, it's not the first time I've come up with moves.
Fenon Regular 25 posts
I've now made almost an entire belts worth of techniques, mostly going from the bloke punch possition, but not all.
andy Resident 729 posts
wow, are you a troll or just wierd? pain is temporary, pride is forever.
"no weapon formed against me shall prosper"
Alien Newbie 20 posts
LOL "hell ain't a bad place to be"
"hell ain't a bad place to be"
Fenon Regular 25 posts
Just weird I think.
Wahahahahahahaha Newbie 2 posts
Me and my friends just all come together and make our own techniques ranging from shoot counters to choke counters to strike combos just for fun. nothing wrong with adding to your techniques. Chris Hick
Chris Hick
Stretford jitsu Newbie 1 posts
I see dead people Iam there for Iam
Iam there for Iam