Jujitsu for Fitness

Are there any Fitness Requirements?

Jujitsu is a martial art which should be taken at one’s own pace. For this reason, students of any fitness level can start training and working their way towards mastering the skill. When you first join a Jujitsu academy, the trainer should assess your fitness levels to make sure you are challenged to the optimal level.

Many people may feel too unfit, old or fat to enter a dojo for the first time. However, given that Jujitsu is an art which requires purely technique and barely any strength, feeling out of shape should never be a deterrent.

Will My Instructor Push Me?

It is important that Jujitsu students are pushed to their limits by their instructors. This does not mean that students will be forced to perform techniques that they are not capable of, but more that each student should be encouraged to give 100% effort, ensuring they get the most out of their training sessions.

If you are training and feel as though you cannot keep up with the pace, there is absolutely no shame in sitting out for a breather. Taking five minutes to recover will often mean that you get a lot more out of the rest of the session.

Will Jujitsu Improve My fitness?

Regardless of whether your training routine is heavy or light, your fitness will always benefit from participating in Jujitsu. That being said, someone who train multiple times per week will improve their fitness a lot faster than someone who only trains for one hour per week. It is up to the individual student; like most things in life, you will only get as much as you are willing to put in.

Persist and You Will Prevail

If you are serious about improving your fitness and skills in Jujitsu, then we highly recommend that you persist and practise on a regular basis. Establish a routine, with at least two training sessions per week, and make sure that you push your limits every time you train. Finding a fun and friendly academy to train at can be essential in maintaining your interest and a regular Jujitsu routine.