Be Careful

Many techniques on this website can be extremely dangerous, and in some cases even fatal if not practised under the strict supervision of a fully qualified martial arts instructor.

Because of these dangers, this section describes the basic safety system used by martial artists worldwide.

Take It Slow

When practising or even demonstrating a technique, be aware of just how effective they are. Martial arts is such an interesting sport and/or self-defence system because of the effectiveness of all the techniques.

Some chokes, if not applied carefully could easily kill somebody by crushing the larynx in their throat, once this is crushed it is almost impossible to return to it's original state without proper medical assistance, hence making it impossible for your opponent to breath.

When a joint-lock or choke is applied, just a few millimetres of movement can hyper-extend a ligament, break a bone, or even cause unconciousness (following that comes death!).

Tap Out!

A system used by nearly all martial artists is the tapping system.
When your opponent is applying a joint lock or choke, the moment you feel pain simply tap two or more times wherever possible. This can be with your hands, or even with your feet if your hands are locked up at the time.

Tap anywhere, preferably on your opponents body so they know to release the lock or choke straight away.