Traditional Jujitsu Moves

This section gives photographs and full descriptions for many techniques found in a standard traditional Jujitsu syllabus.

Unfortunately we simply don't have time to complete the Purple, Brown and Black belt sections just yet. Would you like to contribute to these sections?

White Belt

Well we all need to start somewhere, and this is it! Just remember, the first step is often the hardest...

The white belt syllabus should be a gentle introduction for all students. Included are a couple of strikes, punches and kicks, and of course some blocks for strikes. You'll also learn a couple of basic throws to use against some strikes.

Red Belt

After around 2 months of training for the white belt, you should be ready for the red belt techniques.

During this belt you will learn some more strikes and blocks. The famous hip throw will be taught, one of the most common throws in Jujitsu and Judo.

Some other throws will be taught for you to understand more about how the human body works.

Yellow Belt

First on the yellow belt syllabus are some elbow strikes, followed by some great finishes to the hip throw.

You will now start to learn some standing arm-locks to apply after blocking a strike.

The yellow belt syllabus finishes with some ground-fighting work which is a great introduction for some further Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques.

Orange Belt

The orange belt syllabus starts with some 'snazzy' kicks.

4 more advanced throws are taught for differing situations giving you a few more finishing moves after each throw.

Just like the previous belt, the syllabus ends with some more ground-fighting techniques.

Green Belt

Starting with a quite a difficult and strange breakfall, the green belt syllabus continues with some extra kicks and combinations.

The Jujitsu moves continue with 2 variations of the hip throw, now taught giving you some extra things to try.

After the green belt, you should definately now have enough throws in your arsenal to apply to almost any situation.

Blue Belt

The blue belt syllabus teaches defences against head-locks and garroting, the first being quite a common attack in younger years - if only you'd been training when you was 12, or maybe you are! :o)

The more advanced throws on this belt are interesting and now you should definately be prepared for any attack and be able to make apply any throw at will.

Purple Belt

The Jujitsu moves for the purple belt are not yet covered here.

If you would like to contribute to this section please email us.

  • Front Kick / Side Kick Combination
  • Spinning Back Fist
  • Spinning Back Kick
  • Jumping Double Roundhouse
  • Side Thrust Kick (Knee, Stomach, Head)
  • Roundhouse Kick To Kidney
  • Valley Drop Throw
  • Counter To Straight Arm-Lock (2)
  • Count To Back Arm & Collar Hold (4)
  • Counter To Bar Choke (2)
  • Full Shoulder Throw (Single & Double Punch)
  • Head Hip And Knee Throw
  • Shoulder Wheel
  • 10 Pressure Points
  • Lion Killer Choke
  • Knife Defences (4)
  • Triangle Choke

Brown Belt

The advanced Jujitsu techniques for the brown belt are not yet covered here.

If you would like to contribute to this section please email us.

  • Hooking Kick
  • Roundhouse To Plexus
  • Jumping Back Kick
  • Jumping Spinning Roundhouse
  • Roundhouse Kick From Ground To Lower Body
  • Outer Hook Throw
  • Reverse Hip Throw
  • Rolling Ankle Throw
  • Corner Throw
  • Rear Throw
  • One Handed Throws (6)
  • Arm & Shoulder Throw
  • Stomach Throw (Single & Double Punch)
  • Shoulder Dislocations (5)
  • Shoulder Crash
  • Winding Throws (Inside & Outside)

Black Belt

The Ju Jitsu moves for the coveted black belt are not yet covered here.

If you would like to contribute to this section please email us.

  • Jumping Scissors Kick
  • Flying Jumping Scissors Kick
  • Hopping Roundhouse Around Partner
  • Roundhouse / Hook Kick Combination
  • The Open Hand & Its Uses (8)
  • The Bottom Fist & Its Uses (7)
  • The Elbow & Its Uses (8)
  • Palm Heel Moves
  • Straight Arm-Lock Kata
  • Twenty Straight Throws
  • Counters To Various Throws
  • X Block To Stop Punch To Face
  • Cross Block / Back Fist To Ear & Throw
  • Blocks Or Weapons Kata Of Students Choice
  • Reverse Wrist Throw
  • Head & Neck Throw
  • Leg Wheel From Behind
  • Outer Wheel From Front
  • Defending Punches On Ground
  • Basic Stick Work (Double)
  • Basic Tiger Canes Pattern 1
  • Ground-Fighting
  • Free Sparring
  • Sports Ju-Jitsu Sparring