Changing Hold Downs - Orange Belt Traditional Jujitsu

Changing Hold Downs

When you are holding your attacker on the ground, they may start to escape, so it is useful to be able to move into another hold down to keep them pinned on the ground.

Starting in the first hold down as shown on the White Belt.

Take your attackers right arm from under your left arm-pit.

Take your right arm from around your attackers neck and place it on the ground. Now put your attackers right arm across their neck as shown.

Take your left leg over your right and finish in the North-South position on your knees. Both hands should be holding your attackers belt to keep their hips pinned to the ground. Ensure that you always have your weight on top of your attacker. You should be able to control your attacker well from this position.

Come up onto your left foot so you can slip your right knee under it.

Take your right leg under your left leg and sit down. Lean back onto your attackers neck keeping hold of their belt to control their hips.

Grab your attackers left wrist with your left hand and take it over their chest.

Step over your attackers body with your left leg and finish in the mount. You should still have hold of their left wrist.

Hopefully your attackers arms will be crossed on their chest making it hard for them to escape. You may want to take your right arm round the back of their neck to keep tight control of your attacker.