Front Scissors Throw - Orange Belt Traditional Jujitsu

Front Scissors Throw

This throw is used against an upper-cut punch to the stomach. It is generally the reverse of the Crab Claw Scissors Throw.

When your attacker throws the punch step forward and to the left with your left foot, deflecting the strike with your right hand.

Now step forward with your right foot. Your right foot should be slightly behind your attackers right foot.

Lay your left leg in front of your attackers legs.

Raise your right leg behind your attackers knees ready to sweep them forwards.

Scissor your legs to throw your attacker forward. Now place your right ankle behind your attackers right knee. Their right foot should ideally be resting on your left thigh.

Take your right leg under your left leg and sit down. Lean back onto your attackers neck keeping hold of their belt to control their hips.

Grab the back of your attackers collar and finish with strikes or even a choke.