Hold Down With Double Arm Lock - Orange Belt Traditional Jujitsu

Hold Down With Double Arm Lock

This technique is used from the Scarf Hold position.

Starting in the Scarf Hold (first hold down from White Belt) position.

Take your attackers right arm from underneath your left arm-pit.

Put your attackers right hand under your right leg. Slightly bend your leg to ensure they cannot remove the hand.

Reach over your attacker and grab their left wrist with your left hand. Your thumb should be on top of their wrist, this makes it harder for your attacker to pull their hand away.

Place our left elbow next to your attackers neck and slide your right hand under their left arm. Now grab your left wrist with your right hand.

To apply the locks, simply lean over your attacker raising your hips slightly to apply pressure to their right arm. Also raise your right albow and slide your attackers left hand down along their body.