Jujitsu Moves and Techniques

This section shows many different jujitsu moves and techniques from the traditional art of Jujitsu, along with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ground-fighting moves.

If you are a training student, many of the traditional techniques may be on your own syllabus at your club. There will obviously be some differences since all clubs will train slightly different, giving more emphasis on particular moves.

Brazilian Jujitsu Moves and Jiu-Jitsu Techniques

We started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) in 2002 under the instruction of Royce Gracie.

This section covers many of the techniques learnt since then and should give any martial artist a great understanding of the ground-game.

There's always speculation on the statistics that say over 95% of street fights end up on the ground. Whether this is true or not, if you ever have the mis-fortune to be attacked and the fight does go to the ground, you may aswell be prepared.  Learn the moves...

Traditional Jujitsu Moves

As mentioned above, this section is bound to cover the same jujitsu moves and techniques you are learning at your own club, but obviously we may have some you haven't learnt, or you may learn techniques not covered here.

If you do train some extra techniques to those we have online, please let us know if you'd like to demonstrate these techniques in the same format we have online so we can continue to build upon this section.  Start training...