Defence Against Kicks To The Head On The Ground - Yellow Belt Traditional Jujitsu

Defence Against Kicks To The Head On The Ground

This technique is used when you are on the ground and your attacker is kicking at your head.

As your attacker kicks, twist onto your left side and block it with a double block.

Grab your attackers calf muscle and pull it towards you to cause them to twist slightly.

Strike your attackers stomach with your right foot.

Now take your right leg behind your attackers legs ready to sweep them forwards.

Scissor your legs to throw your attacker forward. Come up on your right hand and lay your right ankle behind your attackers right knee.

Step over your attacker with your left foot, placing it on the ground just to the right of them. This will trap your attackers right foot in your hip.

Hold your attackers collar with your left hand and deliver strikes. You could alternatively apply a choke from this position.