Hip Throw With Cross Arm Lock - Yellow Belt Traditional Jujitsu

Hip Throw With Cross Arm Lock

This technique is used against a straight punch.

As your attacker throw the punch, block it with a basic inside forearm block and step forward with your left foot.

Twist anti-clockwise on the ball of your left foot and take your right arm behind your attackers back. Place both of your feet together.

Bend your knees and lean forward slightly to pull your attacker onto your back.

Straighten your legs to lift your attacker off the ground ready for the throw.

Take your head down to your left knee to throw your attacker off your back.

Hold your attackers right wrist with your left hand and stamp on their head with your left foot.

After the stamp, slide your left foot forward off your attackers head and pull your heel back under their chin.

Lift your attacker up slightly using their right arm and kick them in the back with your right foot. After the kick you should slide your foot under their back as far as possible.

Now sit down and pull your attackers right arm across your right knee with both hands.

A variation of the arm-lock above is to lay back with your attackers right arm along your stomach and chest. To apply the arm-lock you only have to raise your hips slightly.