Escapes From Head Locks - Blue Belt Traditional Jujitsu

Escape Head Lock (Neck Thrust)

The first technique is used when your attacker has you in a side headlock as shown.

Take your left arm round your attackers back and grab their left arm. This stops your attacker from landing punches. Also grab their right wrist with your right hand.

To break the hold, stand straight up twisting slightly to the right whilst pulling your attackers right arm away.

Escape Head Lock (Ankle Brace)

This technique is against used to escape a side headlock.

Place your left hand on your attackers left shoulder.

Brace their left foot with your left foot as shown. As you perform the rest of the technique this will stop your attacker from stepping backwards.

Now sit down to bring your attacker to the ground.

You can now swing your right left over your attacker to take up the mounted position.

Escape Head Lock (Leg Throw)

This technique is against used to escape a side headlock.

Bring your left hand over your attackers right shoulder and grab their collar with your fingers on the inside as shown.

Cup round the back of your attackers right knee with your right hand.

Lift your attackers right leg off the floor (driving your hips slightly forwards will help) and take your left foot off the floor ready for the throw.

Now place your left knee on the ground. As you do this be sure to twist anti-clockwise slightly.

Another angle showing the end position you should find yourself in.

Escape Head Lock (Stomach Throw)

This final technique is used to escape the side headlock when your attacker is bending down slightly.

Grab the back of your attackers collar with your left hand (thumb inside).

Strike with your right hand to your attackers stomach and grab their belt.

Now twist anti-clockwise and lay down in front of your attacker throwing them over your head. All of this should be performed quickly to maintain the momentum needed for the throw.