Outside Parry / Wrist Locks And Throw - Blue Belt Traditional Jujitsu

Outside Parry / Wrist Locks And Throw

This technique is used against a straight punch.

As your attacker throws the punch, step to the left with your left foot and deflect the strike with a right-handed outside parry.

Grab your attackers right wrist with your right hand with your thumb directly under their wrist.

Bring your attackers wrist down to bend their elbow then push their hand up to apply the first wrist lock.

Keeping your attackers arm bent, bring their eblow to your chest and bend their wrist down as shown.

For the next wrist lock, take your attackers elbow off your chest and place it on your right bicep.

Now swing your right leg behind your attackers right leg ready to perform a cross hock throw.

Sweep your attackers right leg forward to throw them backwards. You can now apply another wrist lock by pushing their elbow down to the floor.