Scooping Throws - Blue Belt Traditional Jujitsu

Back Scooping Throw

The back scooping throw is used against a straight punch.

As your attacker strikes, block it with a basic inside forearm block and step forward and to the left with your left foot.

Now strike with a scissor hand to your attackers neck.

Grab your attackers collar with your left (thumb inside).

Reach through between your attackers legs with your right hand and grab their belt behind their back.

Now lift your attacker up (driving your hips forward will help) and land them on their back as shown. From this position you can drive their legs over their head and apply a choke with your left hand.

Front Scooping Throw

As your attacker strikes, step forward and to the left with your left foot, deflecting the strike with a right-handed outside parry.

Strike with a left-handed backfist to your attackers ribs.

Now use your right hand to grab the back of your attackers collar (fingers inside).

Reach through your attackers legs and grab their belt in front of them.

To throw your attacker simply push forward with your right hand and pull back with your left.