Reclining Leg Throw With Strike - Yellow Belt Traditional Jujitsu

Reclining Leg Throw With Strike

This throw is used when your attacker strikes with a hammer-fist or a bottle attack.

As your attacker strikes, use a left handed head block and step forward on your left foot.

Twist anti-clockwise on the ball of your left foot and place your right knee on the ground and strike with a right handed hammer fist to your attackers right calf muscle.

Use your left hand to cup round the back of your attackers right ankle as shown.

Pull your attackers right foot forward with your left hand and throw your body into them to cause them to fall backwards.

Strike with your right elbow to your attackers chest.

Deliver a back-fist strike to your attackers head.

Place your right hand on your attackers chest. This will be used to keep your attacker on the ground as you stand up.

Change the cupping position of your left hand on the back of your attackers right ankle.

Put your weight on your right hand and left foot and come up on your right foot. Swing your attackers right leg to the right as you stand up.