Scissors And Naked Choke Hold - Blue Belt Traditional Jujitsu

Scissors And Naked Choke Hold

This technique is used against a straight punch.

Step forward and to the left with your left foot and deflect the punch with your left hand as shown.

Strike with your right forearm across the front of your attackers neck.

Move round to the back of your attacker and place your left hand on their back.

Walk back slightly as your pull your attacker back and down to take them off balance.

Now sit down so your attacker is between your legs.

Cross your feet in front of your attacker to crush their chest. Also cup your right hand with your left and pull your right arm back to apply the choke.

To continue the technique, uncross your feet and place your left foot under your attackers left leg.

Raise your attackers left leg and turn them over to finish in the position shown. Allow your right arm to slide further across your attackers neck so your elbow is directly in front of it.

Now grab your left bicep with your right hand and take your left hand behind your attackers head. To apply the second choke, either pull your shoulders back in breath in or push your elbows together.