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Royce's Glasgow seminar

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Friday 5th March 2004 at 11:01

Hello to all that attended the seminar in Glasgow at the weekend!

Many thanks go out to Scott Mcveigh for sortin it all out (musical venues) it was an awesome two days.

Also congrats to all the people who were given their blue belt by Royce including myself(don't worry i've already patted myself on the back). I know It's the very first rung on a long ladder but it feels good to to have recieved it(especially from Royce).

In case your wondering who i am i'm the loner englishmen from just over the border, who got lost a million times ran 7 red lights following michael schumacher to all the venues, paid £75 for one night in a hotel(stupid twat) got my ankle ruined and then got lost on the way home.

When are you Scots gonna invest in some road/direction signs? Glasgow takes the piss! Perhaps thats your TOURISM plan eh. Keep them in, get the bastards lost and then they'll spend more money! :-)

The Glasgow guys are a great bunch and i thank you all very much.
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Saturday 6th March 2004 at 12:28

congrats on the blue pain is temporary, pride is forever.

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