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steve Resident 217 posts
My last post is obviously a sideways shuffle cause I appear to be losing 2.0 to Andy & Dave at this point. Clever though ain't it! "Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog"
"Its not the size of the dog i
andy Resident 729 posts
clinching and striking, Steve. Not trapping and striking. 3-0. pain is temporary, pride is forever.
"no weapon formed against me shall prosper"
GaryJA Spectator 7 posts
there are videos on youtube of jujitsu v karate, jujitsu always win, due to there ability to take down their opponent quickly then capatalise on a dominant top position. (deffo worth a look if you havent seen them)
I do wjjf (bob clarke jujitsu) and would agree that the move you learn are unrealistic in a street fight.
But would argue that if two fighters where in a brawl (close to each other) you could adapt the throws to take the person to the floor and then capaitalise i.e. kick them punch them.

Also in a street fight even someone who is trained in bjj would struggle... i.e. if they took them down and assumed a top position theres nothing stopping the oppenent grabbing your crown jewels which is not allowed in the UFC but is allowed in the street.

My biggest gripe with traditional jujitsu is the lack of conditioned the hands/wrists. if you dont do heavy bag style boxing training, and only punch thin air... then when you come to actually punch some in the street it would hurt you just as much if you havent developed the correct punching technique. you can punch thin air for years with a bad technique and not find out as air doesnt hurt. Hit a heavy bag with a bad technique and you nearly break your hand/wrist. food for thought
spider Regular 235 posts
Blocking strikes by putting your arm in the way, or covering up, seems to have worked for professional fighters for a few hundred years.

Trapping and indian deathlocks, Lee and Clarke can keep them.
spider Regular 235 posts
Someone who is trained in fighting would have little trouble in a fight against someone who isn't
GaryJA Spectator 7 posts
Would agree with spider... would also suggest that jujitsu gives you some skils with tackling much larger opponents .. escape from headlocks, simple hocks.. then run!
spider Regular 235 posts
You've missed my point entirely.
People trained in fighting, not kata.
GaryJA Spectator 7 posts
So i take it you dont mean tradition jujitsu....
TMAS FIGHTER Spectator 1 posts
This is a good discussion. I would agree that any form off grappling training is useful put you have to combine this with a form of striking training (kickboxing, thai, boxing) If any jujitsu guy took a low leg kick off a kickboxing you would be doing nothing but crying afterwards.

Unless you train actually blocking realistic hard kicks and punches you'll have no chance.

If anyone has ever read or watched books or dvds by Geoff Thompson you will understand. If you havent then read his book its great!

Basically he was a bouncer for 10 years and a black belt in Karate. Anyway he realised that his karate was useless so took up boxing to gain striking skills.

Long story short - he had hundreds of fights in clubs during his time as a doorman (this guy was 13stone and 5'9'' btw)- anyway he said that all fights happen within seconds. The only thing he used in all these fights was a right cross. His whole conclusion was this..

block/parry. counter = useless (not enough time or room)
grappling on floor = again useless (mates throwing the boot in etc..)

The ONLY thing that works is a pre-emptive strike (hit them first!) If you wait to be hit you will just get done in, unless you have a jaw like iron!

All he did in all his fights was learn to punch very fast, very hard, very acurately. Aiming for the mandable nerve to the side of the chin,

this resulted in him knocking 20st bruisers out time and time again.

His tagline was, "I train for the first 3 seconds...its all I need!" - humerous!

Conclusion:- get the first punch in - and make it count!!
GaryJA Spectator 7 posts
ive seen some of those dvds by geoff thompson.. and they are good especially the parts about establishing your stance by moving slightly back and to the side.. asking them a question which automatically engages thier brain.. then striking quickly to the jaw..
GaryJA Spectator 7 posts
WOULD DEFFO agree with above comment.. jujitsu is good but you must pracice or train your stiking as well. And about the kicks.. deffo agree with that.. a more full contact form of training to traditional jujitsu would help...