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steve Resident 217 posts
Face to face for a VT type match-up or even a street confrontation...what stance up do you favour. Left lead orthodox, southpaw, thai style sqare on high guard, upright or crouch...and dont just say which but give reasons, pro's & con's... and on the basis of no gloves i.e. anything goes "Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog"
"Its not the size of the dog i
Robsco 1319 posts
I personally wouldn't even give chance for any of us to stance and face off, if it's gonna happen then I'm in hard and fast low, to take the guy to the ground with a double leg...

Failing that, well, then you're in a whole new ball game, not one that can be documented. --------- Robsco! 'I'm sure your style is impressive on other planets, however, your weak link is that this is Earth'
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andy Resident 729 posts
VT Match, left foot forward - cos I'm right handed

Street Fight - no stance as i'm running the other way! pain is temporary, pride is forever.
"no weapon formed against me shall prosper"
steve Resident 217 posts
quote..."he who runs and runs again, lives to run again & again" dam'n good advice if you ask me! "Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog"
"Its not the size of the dog i
steve Resident 217 posts
My preference, fairly square on, maybe slight left leg lead, slight bend at knees and weight spread fairly evenly on balls of each foot, elbows tucked close to lats, loose open hands with palms towards myself fingertips just below eye level head slightly dipped.

Why?... can step out / slip to either side with either leg, square shoulders so can twist sharp at waist to hook with either fist, balls of feet so can twist easily on them to torque whole body through from legs as well as waist for hook shots generating maximum power in shots, slight bend at knees so can drop body weight quickly to duck & weave / power out of legs for each shot expecially uppercuts / lean or springboard away quickly to make distance from incoming attacks or work quickly to side or back of attacker. Bent knees, balls of feet, elbows tucked and slight dipped head also keeps whole body in small amount of tension if or rather when attacker lands shots / kicks.

Basically the Mike Tyson kind of stance....all legs to move quick, springboard & power from. "Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog"
"Its not the size of the dog i
jujitsu2004 Newbie 13 posts
Yeah, same as steve really... in VT left forward all the way - simply becuase i have my left hand (stronger, yet less responsive) to act as my dynamite, and my right (slightly weaker but alot more control) as good night.

In a fight its right forward for me... because of the control factor i have with my right hand, dunno if its the same with any of you guys but i have more controll over my right than i do with left (especially when training with weapons - although my left is improving!). With right forward/left back i can jab quicker, and move straight into valley drop or something similar.

Dave Addict 183 posts
In real fighting i have no recollection of stances used i just do what needs to be done by adapting to the situation.

In VT and other types of competition the same applies. I try not to be in the same stance for too long as it gives opponents time to work out what they want to do. If your constantly moving and switching stances it gives your opponent something to constantly think about. If you trundle round like a robot then he can make his mind up what he wants to do and then pick an opportune moment to attack.

Good balence and base is essential regardless of what stance you choose to use. Also its completely natural that we all have a weaker side but if you train both sides you can easily become quality with either hands/feet.

A simple and always very amusing test to truely work out which is your weak side simply try throwing stones as hard as you can with both hands and piss yourself laughing at just how weak one arm is. Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his Black and white Catttt. Early in the mornin when the nah nah deedle dat da do!!!!! Ah fuct it right up
Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Post
jujitsu2004 Newbie 13 posts
Hmmm...tried that test many-a-time and always piss myself at how i can throw like a champion marksmans with my right, and like a total pussy with my left!

The best time to do it (i reckon) is when your at the beach - skimming stones across the water (so long as the sea isn't densly populated with holiday makers at the time!), good, clean, fun!