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Andy, weighing in

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Tuesday 20th April 2004 at 06:45


If ya don't weigh in to your weight category it's a straight disqualification ain't it?

My normal weight is abt 68kg, think I've put a bit on in the last few months tho. Weighed myself at training 2 weeks ago and with the gi on apparently I was upto 73kg (with a little sweat too) but someone said the scales weren't very good.

Weighed myself just now at work and I'm 68kgs fully clothed, but I don't trust those scales either.

Would I be able to phone Marc to change my weight division after sending in my form, if so, what would the latest be? Will be weighing again when I get to Sheffield on Friday. --------- Robsco! 'I'm sure your style is impressive on other planets, however, your weak link is that this is Earth'

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Tuesday 20th April 2004 at 09:06

closing date is tomorrow 21st, so you definatly got till then. phone marc today and ask him.

you weigh in at the tournament with gi on before you step on the ma for the first time, if you dont make the weight you get disqualified. easy peasy. pain is temporary, pride is forever.

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Tuesday 20th April 2004 at 09:32

While you're at it, tell him there'll be a heavyweight from Sheffield entering would you? I've filled my form in and I'll be sending it today, so it should get there tomorrow- but just in case. "I like my jiu-jitsu the same way as I like pubic hair on a lady"