Strip Club Tonight.

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Angry Regular 88 posts
Anyone whos coming out, needs to contact andy asap if needs be call the castle bba number and get sheehan to give you andys mobile.

rob brown already pussied it

guys dont let me down

"Bad weather all the time"
"Bad weather all the time"
Robsco 1319 posts
Yeah but i did pussy out for pussy.



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TaintedCherub Newbie 2 posts
I think I have the wrong number for andy and castlebba said they dont have it...

can u post meeting times n stuff on here when u know?

Everyones entitled to their op
TaintedCherub Newbie 2 posts
... or anyone got andys mobile number?

Everyones entitled to their opinions. It's just that mine are right.
Everyones entitled to their op
Bassmonger Resident 198 posts
i woulda been there, but I didn't know about it til I was told after I'd already agreed to go out to the dogs for some chick's birthday.

Invite me next time dude....
see lots o titty?

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andy Resident 729 posts
what a night!!

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Angry Regular 88 posts
what a night, i am havign with drawal symptoms im going next week to see kyle again

"Bad weather all the time"
"Bad weather all the time"
fairysrcool Newbie 6 posts
can i just say,the reason u lot go 2 strip clubs all the time is coz u dont got girlfriends coz ur all computer freaks.ok,wel andy has a gf,but i can c y he needs 2 go 2 a strip club.the rest ov u shud get out more an get real girlfriends who wil take there clothes off 4 free.sayin that,it mite not b that easy 4 sum ov u.

better to be a silly girl with a flower than a silly boy with a horse and a stick.
better to be a silly girl with
Angry Regular 88 posts
id pay for those girls to get naked, id pay you to go kill your self

"Bad weather all the time"
"Bad weather all the time"
Sir Moonface Regular 26 posts
Hope you had a good night Ross, we know you enjoyed Kylie!! Can I just say that if ever you are on West Street and looking for somewhere to eat, avoid Sahib's!

As for the fairy, wow you know Andy is also known as Pobs, do you have any other useless facts that you care to share?

"It's better to look good and lose, than to look bad and win"
Angry Regular 88 posts
someone who went to her school called michael told me she has herpies of the vagina and mouth.

dude it was awesome

"Bad weather all the time"
"Bad weather all the time"