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Adam Mckay Newbie 3 posts
Some people believe boxing is enough for self- defence, do you agree?
Stevo Regular 32 posts
I disagree with that statement. Boxers are skilled fighters but once things are taken to the floor or closer than arms length then boxers will become very uncomfortable and probably useless. Boxing is only any good when used with another martial art. 'Wing Chun 4 Life'
'Wing Chun 4 Life'
the_little_dragon Regular 33 posts
Western Boxing is one of the best styles out there. It`s fast, powerful and lethal when someone knows how to box.

Everyone knows boxing is one of the most deadly fighting sciences out there.

Boxing is great when used on it`s own, but even better when combined with another fighting method such as BJJ.
Ross Regular 100 posts
steve yet again is wrong.

lil dragon is correct, boxing is very strong and sharpe and usually taught by good coaches who make their students better.

boxing and wrestling is a great combination My prediction is pain
Jesse Newbie 16 posts
Boxing alone isn't enough, it has to many restrictions in it. its just not well rounded enough
the_little_dragon Regular 33 posts
what do u mean by too many restrictions? In the ring there are but if a boxer was to box noholds barred he could be quite dangerous, you know. Errr, Mike Tyson maybe?!
greywolf Newbie 9 posts
Hello, Im new to the forum.

Anyone that trains in any style of fighting or self defence is going to better than those who dont. No one art is comparable to the next. No one style is better than the next. Those who get wrapped up in comparisons will only prevent themselves from learning more. Cobie Wells
Cobie Wells
Jesse Newbie 16 posts
by restrictions i mean that boxing is all about punching, no kicking, or ground fighting, its kind of limited in that way
steve Resident 217 posts

Not me that's wrong IYO this time.

Stevo is another dude. "Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog"
"Its not the size of the dog i