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Looks like this topic has turned to wrestling vs. jujitsu. Here is my take on these 2 fighting. Wrestling goes more for strength and muscling into pins, as jujitsu does not rely on strength, but relies on technical moves and joint manipulation. Either has a chance of winning, but moreso comes down to who has more experience and who has more muscle, since wrestling usees muscle, the wrestler might be bigger than the jujtisu practioner and can use that to his advantage to pinning a jujitsu practioner and the jujitsu person would be in a jam because it does not focus on strength. However, jujitsu works on technique and precise joint manipulation, and wrestlers are used to working their ways out of pins, not joint locks, so the jujitsu-ist would have them there. Either way, each has a stong point, and a weak point. The winner would be: the one who studies BOTH styles, then he would be well-rounded in both aspects and know what to expect. "If instead of fighting with him you say to your enemy, 'You have won' and bow before him, that is the biggest deed in the world."
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Ry i have "seen" a few street fights where person A has purposly taken the guys back to back arche him onto his head. It didnt "seem" difficult or an inconvienience to do, also wehn you wrestle everyday against good wrestlers, and spar hard, gettnig some ramdom usually drunk guy where you want to throw them isnt hard. My prediction is pain
Ry Regular 13 posts
I agree that getting a random drunk guy in that position would not be hard, but counting on fighting drunk guys is not a good thing to practice.

I'm trying not to pin Bjj against wrestling, its just turning into that. If you try to pin the two then I beleive that the Bjj fighter would have a much more difficult time with a smaller opponent. I say this because Bjj was originally designed to allow the smaller person to survive. However if you give that fighter a situation where the wrestler was the same size, then that would be a different story then with a big guy.

That's not really the argument I've been stressing though. I'm saying that with wrestling you have to cross train because the sport doesn't cover other areas of fighting like other arts. For example, ninjutsu covers many areas including groundfighting, impact, throwing, weapon throwing, hand weapon(improvisational), and pressure points. Ninjutsu would be outmatched in groundfighting and throwing against a wrestler, but the ninja can easliy switch tactics and defeat the wrestler soon after. The wrestler is stuck in one tactic.
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Question to all of you getting wound up in this debate....What defence or pre-emptive attack (excluding availability of any weapon) would you personally choose in a street situation i.e. where anything goes.

I'll be presumptious and answer for you....it will depend on what you know you can do effectively, what you know about your opponent and what 'condition' he is in (physically & mentally)and what you think he is good at, and whether he is a one man band or has mates with him (or indeed you have mates with you).

In other words as has been eluded to many times in this thread and other similar ones, there is no 'one size fits all' answer.

As Geoff Thompson once recalled in a talk he was giving... there was this particular guy who used to frequent the Coventry nightclub scene, he was big & strong, though out of condition / overweight and could not really fight at all in any trained / orthodoxed manner. Yet he was the guy most bouncers feered tangling with. Why?...because he was a 'biter' and they all knew if they got into a tussle with him where they made any sort of error he would chew a chunk out of their flesh without any hesitation. "Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog"
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Robsco 1319 posts
What defence or pre-emptive attack would you personally choose in a street situation?

I'll be presumptious and answer for you.

Not quite got the hang of the forums yet have ya Steve? --------- Robsco! 'I'm sure your style is impressive on other planets, however, your weak link is that this is Earth'
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Ry Regular 13 posts
HAH! biting is probably the best technique out there, do it once and no one messes with you. Maybe we can learn a thing or two about our countries biters. Mike Tyson showed us that crazy can be pretty effective. No one ever wants to fight him now.

Now that's said, I guess that for a style to choose I would pick Ninjutsu mainly cause of its diversity, but it also takes a lifetime to master. Ninjustu weapon fighting is among the best because they teach you how make weapons out of seemingly harmless things. After all the ninja were peasants.
Bassmonger Resident 198 posts
Biting involves getting your head close to your opponent though. Fair enough if you can close the gap or are grappling, but not so fair when you're at arms length and weapons are being used.

My favoured street technique is a witty comeback combined with running speed faster than Steve clearing an internet forum. "I like my jiu-jitsu the same way as I like pubic hair on a lady"

Ry Regular 13 posts
Bassmonger, I like your style