Strength vs. technique

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I do not do jujitsu, however am a trained martial artist in the arts of indonesian silat. From my training I say technique. I see old guys beat young guys just by simply knowing where to put the body in avoidance to attain the ultimate position for counter defence. Or even yet the ideal position on the body to strike thus avoiding a clash of "muscle on muscle" and simply defeating you without any resistance.

A simple example of this is a direct punch forward. Clashing with this force you would be pushing directly back on the fist. At what point is the punch at its weakest? -> when the arm is fully extended. So simply avoid the punching target area while the arm is fully extended and take advantage.

There are many examples of this. However the main disadvantage you may have is that he may be acting from reflex since he has fought more than you. You are thinking conciously. This is much slower than reflex. Whether or not he knows the theory, he may be making stupid moves, his body knows which way to go for him to win. So the solution to your problem would be to train you reflexes. And im sorry the best way to do this is repetition.

"Don't worry about speed or power, this is inherrent in the technique, correct technique is faster and more powerful!"
"Don't worry about speed or po
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even though technique is huge upper body strength is really quite important too. like my one friend of mine isn't in any martial arts or anything, but works out every night and has those monster scary muscles. when i was grappling with him i could't do anything, he was just to strong for me to manipulate his joints
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That's not him being too strong for you, you just need to work on your technique. --------- Robsco! 'I'm sure your style is impressive on other planets, however, your weak link is that this is Earth'
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I have the same problem sometimes but i can nail the bigger ones its all about technique and timing. From my knowledge of anatomy the such like everybodys joints bends the same!!! When im grappling i like to use distraction technqiues and feints(e.g. make it look as if im going for one hold then quickly excuting another.)if your finding your having trouble with your upper body techniques try using your legs. Your legs contain some of the strongest groups of muscles in the body and may be to your advantage. Remember one thing: the origin of most martial arts is from people who werent big or tall and it worked for them!!! 'A game of chess is like a swordfight. You must think first - hiyah! - before you move.'
'A game of chess is like a swo
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Maybe its a combination of him being a GOOD WRESTLER, he is stronger and he is more used to sparring, i.e. years of wrestling. Work on your takedown defence and try and learn from him.

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I come from a similar background, skateboarded for 7 years, 5'10" 150lbs. and yes you have big legs and abs. Use them if you haven't already. anything he uses against your legs and abs are less dangerous for you then your upper body. You should also focus on being able to fight with your back to the ground, you said he pins you. He will have a hard time if you can fight back good while in a bad position. also if you ever find that he favors a certain technique, study it until you find an aspect that utilizes your bodies stregths.

For a strength exercise avoid heavy weight lifting. I say this because you want to get your best strength to weight ratio. look to boxing for good upper body strength. Also stretch out like crazy, if you already haven't, especailly your torso. Being able to flip your hips crotch down with your back on the ground will give you a lot of leverage against pins.

Not everything people tell you will work for you, just try to optimize yourself. Don't get into a grappling situation if he's stronger then you there. If you cut off that your even.
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"If instead of fighting with h
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Learn & drill hip movement with your back to the ground (shrimping) coupled with at least one of your knees between you and your opponent hips and one of your feet hooked in between his legs (ideally behind one of his knees).

Your knee between you will keep his weight off your upper torso, the foot hooked behind his knee will restrain his movement around to the side and upset his stability.

Once used to doing this as free intuitive movement, learn / drill some specific techniques to then break free from being underneath (sweeps)or optimise your position for a sub (triangle, armbar, oma-plata, etc.) "Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog"
"Its not the size of the dog i
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It kinda sucks being in a stituation that seems impossible to get out of, but I like tha fact that your facing a stronger opponent in his court. Maybe you will never be able to beat him at his own game, but you will become an amazing martial artist from the experience.

Oh and if your still having trouble with the pinning thing try to figure a way to get into the guard position, that way you have a little more control over the situation. Are you allowed to punch him? If you are then tag him whenever you feel the pin coming on. And if your getting pinned try putting your fingers into his armpitand grabbing a chunk of hi peck. Then pull it towards, it will hurt like hell and he will no longer try to use his tricepts or pecks to pin you.
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Alright men and women I am a big guy 255 lbs and I am in the army and I lift weights. I just started to do ju-jitsu one month ago. I went up against a blue belt last night. who weighed under 160. But was fast and flexible. He kicked my ass twice. I gave him a run for his money because using my weight helped. But he was so flexible smashing him wasn't working and he knew more moves . I got armbarred once and choked once. And I tapped (it happens so what) But his technique helped him over my weight. But keep grappling with the bigger guys. You will Improve your tecnique to when you fight a guy or girl your own weight or close to it you will kick ass.. Good luck all.. Richard J. Fryar
Richard J. Fryar
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"If instead of fighting with h
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Chances are he 'seems' stronger because he's using good technique, and being able to manipulate your body to a position that suits him for a submission.

It's all technique. --------- Robsco! 'I'm sure your style is impressive on other planets, however, your weak link is that this is Earth'
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Oh wow, I was picturing a guy much bigger then you. If he's a technique junky then you're screwed for awhile. If he's already extremely flexible then that's another thing to overcome. I've wrestled kids smaller or equal my weight, a lot more difficult then a bigger guy. Reason being is a big guy means you're quicker and more technical. And technique always wins in the end. I don't know what to tell you now. The only thing I see working is maybe the tai-justu method of approach. Basically you never let him have an advantage when standing. When you start if he likes to back up and let you come into him, then back up as well. Don't let him have control. If you sense that he's coming in go straight in as well. Doing this makes it awkward for your opponent and he can't use your weight against you. basically mirror his foot work. If you can do that well enough without him catching on, which he might you may never have to get into a wrestling situation.