Where Do You Train?

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sentinal Regular 21 posts

Just resgistered today. I train in Zimbabwe. Orange belt and usually Monday to Thursday, but latelty can't seem to block punches, so missing Thursday's, that's when our Sensei makes us spar. Oh, he's Sensei Ishmael. He studied in Shou ling. A man of great honor. My favourite throw is O Goshe and fav lock it Goto ineri. This art comes with alot more than fighting.
This art comes with alot more
tafster Newbie 9 posts
How long have you been at Coulsdon lance? I trained there regularly until recently
lance Regular 26 posts
I started there in March in the Saturday class with Sensai Patrick
The Mauler Newbie 3 posts
North East Essex Jikishin Jujitsu. I train 3 times a week, currently green belt, training for blue. I am imbued with the power, the power of 50 lemons!
I am imbued with the power, th
Ross Regular 100 posts
sorry steve i have just been boxing as of late.

"half decent" cheeky fucker
steve Resident 217 posts

That was a compliment...I only have 1/4 decent groundwork skills! (benchmarks Braulio 3/4, Mauricao at least the whole). "Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog"
"Its not the size of the dog i
tafster Newbie 9 posts
Sensei Patrick is awesome, as you get better, you just get more impressed. Officially he's highly graded in Ju-Jitsu, Judo and Karate, but i get the feeling he's done some BJJ on the side. Some of his ground game is very BJJ-esque as if he's merged his Judo/Ju-Jitsu with BJJ.

He started teaching me from red belt when i was about 10, but i left the club to go to uni.
Kieran Regular 107 posts
Shin Ken ryu
Oak leaf jujitsu fedration
Templemore sports complex
Buncrana road
Northern Ireland

Tuesdays 7.30pm-9.30pm adults and children

Thursdays 7.30-9.30 adults and children

new members most welcome Kieran Doran
Szymon Newbie 3 posts
I come from Poland, now I can`t train because I have my troubles with head after contusion. I trained boxing and ju-jitsu in Katowice, and the same in Bielsko-Bia³a. It passed half a year without a training, but now I slowly arrive to train- now in a house.
carlos99 Newbie 6 posts
Carl from Manchester (uk). Tried boxing when I was young,(not for me ) been doing jitsu for about ten years with a bit of kick boxing in between.
Kieran Regular 107 posts
I ** **** ****** quite reguarly and the kama sutra is fantastic for streching **********.Only joking but you have to try and get a few laughs on here.
Robsco 1319 posts
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Ross Regular 100 posts
**** **** **** balls ***** ****** **** ***** *******
Kousen Newbie 1 posts
Hello. I am a new member as of today. I am intrested in learning ju-jitsu. I was born in the USA i am a self teach student unless i go and learn directly from my teachers. I am 14 and turning 15 this december. I am a freshman in high school. Started the arts when i was 11. I train by myself, practice with friends or teachers, or get experiance by stopping the local gangters and trouble makers (luckily there aren't many). I practice every day after my homework for about an hour. oh and i chose by my own my accord to learn martial arts to protect all those i can.

The only art that i have "mastered" (that means i am so comfortable with and am good at that it could be a reflex) is kyusho jitsu. I first started learning Ninpo, the only problem it is a hard thing to master so i work on it little by little as i learn other styles. Next was karate, even though i am a brown belt i dislike it. after that i tried kempo/kenpo (never figuered out how to spell it) i am doing "ok". There are a few more but i don't want to bore you with such details. All i am doing is working to mastering what i am learning and refining what ive mastered.

I am looking for people who want to talk about the arts cause i am intrested how other people progress with their styles. My Aim sn is Kei kousen and my email is prodigy_of_yours@hotmail.com.

sorry its so long later ~Kei "Body. Mind. Spirit. Unite all to one. All as one will be able to accomplish anything." ~Anonymous (Well said.)
"Body. Mind. Spirit. Unite all
urban_samurai Newbie 14 posts
i train twice weekly in ju jitsu, been going for around about a year i train in worksop near sheffield
Bassmonger Resident 198 posts
Traditional I take it? And where in Worksop?

Incidentally, is Worksop still the UK capital for heroin addiction? I think I read that over the last few years at some time it was, along with Rotherham being the 'best' in teenage pregnancy, Donny top of the pops for AIDS, and Baaarnsley having the highest ratio of fat-arsed ladies.

I may have made the last one up.

Kieran Regular 107 posts
Trian in tjj on a tuesday and a thursday and teach it on a friday.

And theres a few members on here that I would be seriously concerned about there mental well being.

Cobrabite11 Spectator 1 posts

I am at Newcastle in the UK and I was wondering if anyone knows any Kyusho Jutsu instructors around where I live. I would like to learn it but I don't know where I could go. Please e-mail me at cobrabite11@hotmail.co.uk if you have any ideas!
Mobstarr Spectator 45 posts
I haven't seen this post before!
I'm a 1st dan traditional Ju-Jitsu, train tuesday, thursday evenings and saturday morning. White belt Brazillian Jiu Jitsu train weds evening and saturday afternoon. Soon hopin to start karate aswell! I train at Gracie Barra Pendle in Lancashire near Burnley!!
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2nd Dan Traditional Ju-Jitsu (Kensho Ryu & Kano Bushi Ryu)

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Robsco 1319 posts
Does seem Cobrabite brought it out of the shadows, 2004 infact. :-/
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