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UFC fake

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Sunday 22nd August 2004 at 00:23

The UFC-Is it real or fake??

I have my doubts to if the UFC is fake or real.

The blood and fighting is real but the fights could just be set ups to attract crowds.

Prehaps the UFC is just really a money making brand name which people are lapping up in the pursuit of thinking all the fights are genuine.



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Monday 6th September 2004 at 23:48

I don't watch fighting on TV, but from what I hear, the UFC is more like professional wrestling in THAT aspect then it used to be.



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Wednesday 22nd September 2004 at 21:33

i woudl say the matches are real, but the approach to booking them and the stage show they put on nowadays does resemble Pro-Wrestling.

I mean peopel have their own entrance music now, if that gives you any idea.

Last time I watched was Chuck Lidell against The Huntington beach Bad Boy himself. I prefer things like K-1 when I want to see Martial Arts, being a Pro-Wrestler I actually see enoguh of the entrances and stroylines on a weekly basis anyways.



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Friday 24th September 2004 at 14:25

so its really not fake then is it.




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Friday 24th September 2004 at 15:48

No offense ross, but I was stating an opinion on a discussion about the over the top production the UFC does. I don't think name calling is really necessary do you?



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Tuesday 5th October 2004 at 16:30

Havent seen any of the later ones but the early ones i've just seen had entrance music on anyway?

I can't see it being fake certainly not the ones ive watched. On one i watched might have been UFC 2 this karate man gets a severe ass kicking. And is crawling round the floor in a prone position with blood in his eyes.... Sever beating cant see that being fake.




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Wednesday 20th October 2004 at 17:09

Just ignore the name calling, I've found it's real easy for guys to call names online, probably beacause they would not dare look you in the eyes in person. By the way the UFC appears real to me.



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Sunday 31st October 2004 at 02:09

What exactly the hell are you talking about? Of course they are going to book the matches that have crowd appeal (Fighters with personality, fame, and possibly having something against one another.) But if you are implying that the result of the match is fake, maybe you should try training like the fighters have to train. And try gathering the strength of mind to step in the cage.



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Thursday 30th December 2004 at 15:35

I heard that some matches in UFC have pre-match agreements about technique restriction. I've only seen UFC 2 and the way that little MT guy elbowed that ninja into oblivion looked pretty damn real. However, it is possible to fake some injuries, as the old British pro-wrestlers used to do by tongue biting, refs with razor blades etc.

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