Brazilian and Jiu Jitsu

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Nathan Addict 175 posts
I've been to 12 lessons of Jiu Jitsu (tradional)and I'm really enjoying it. But I want to take up Brazillian Jiu Jitsu as well as. But I want to get a bit of knowledge of the traditional style first. Maybe I'll start up Brazillian when I'm on my way to yellow belt or something.

Do you guys think this is a good idea, or will doing two styles confuse me?

And one other thing. When you're doing your Jiu Jitsu stance. If you are right handed, do you have the right hand in front protecting your face, or protecting your lower body. I ask as I used to box and I liked to keep my right back so I. But the Sensai said it should be the other way round but it seems uncomfortable. Any ideas?
Robsco 1319 posts
Right handed, use your right hand for the cross, so left foot forward with left hand protecting face. --------------------------------------------- Robsco! - The Site Administrator 'I'm sure your style is impressive on other planets, however, your weak link is that this is Earth'
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