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Tuesday 31st August 2004 at 14:50

Seems to me there our different syllabus's out there do different clubs follow different syllabus is there one main point of reference?




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Tuesday 31st August 2004 at 18:09

Yeah, I do traditional Jui Jitsu and we follow the "Bushido Jui Jitsu" syllabus, BJJA(gb), most other places do the WJJF World Jui Jitsu Federation syllabys. The BJJA(gb) sylabus is the same as the WJJF one, except we don't have an orange or red belt.

Hope this helps



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Saturday 25th September 2004 at 13:08

If anyone would like to complete the syllabus techniques section of this site, I would greatly welcome it.

Still needing Purple, Brown and Black. If your clubs syllabus is different to whats listed on this site that's fine, it's only meant as a general guide.

I don't really have much time to get those last three belts completed, and I'm getting several mails a week asking when they'll be completed.

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