Which training makes you tougher?

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the_little_dragon Regular 33 posts
The training in the SAS, Royal Marines, Delta Air Force is so tough and intense. I`v been reading up on them and the training really does seperate the men from the boys. (and, no, It`s not all weaponary training)

But heres the question...

Does this elite military training make you tougher/a better fighter than a great martial artist? because no martial artist trains the ways these guys do!

Any feedback would be great.
Falthor Newbie 10 posts
Can't comment to the training regimen, as it's differen to every person, but as to the fact that this might be a silver bullet approach i would say no.

There is no one rigth way to train and teach in the martial arts community. One style works with one group of people, while another perfects that group. Trainnig methods are the same, i wouldn't go into a gym and trian like Mr Universe, but i mgith adapt his training style to fit my goals.

In the end what makes a fighter is that ability to absorb new information,a dn the ability to adapt to situations outside of the "taught" situations. But then again that's just my opinion.
Robsco 1319 posts
The SAS, Delta Force, or whoever you care to mention will obviously break you down to the core of existence, and that's what they're there for, to break you down to pure animal instincts, for fighting, cos that's what ya need, simple.

As for fighting, if you don't have the techniques and skills, what use are you? other than a body to get in the way?

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