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BJJ Vs Traditional

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Wednesday 22nd September 2004 at 09:33

I started traditional about a month ago but hear you guys rave about BJJ. Ive seen it on the TV and the pics on this site. Now im starting to think im wasting my time with traditional and should be doing BJJ? Or should i be doing both for good self defense i also do Muay Thai so could it be too much ? Too confusing?




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Wednesday 22nd September 2004 at 21:16

I think I stated this somewhere else, but it's not so much what art you take as what you do with the art you take.

In BJJ it basically is straightforward JJ but with a heavey emphasis on take down and Ground work. Now I'm not trygin to step on anyones toes here, that's just my opinion of what I have seen of BJJ.

Basically take traditional JJ and lean toward ground technique and you'll be pretty close to BJJ.

Anotehr side would be to take some Judo on the side for the throwing and groundwork (I took judo first and Ju Jitsu Second). Or even attend some BJJ seminars, Royce is an amazing teacher I have heard.

I wouldn't leave you're art though, especially if you're comfortabel with the way they teach, and the things they teach you there. These are the main things, if you're happy at your club stay there, there is no one "Great art" just great artists.


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Saturday 25th September 2004 at 13:04

If you're enjoying the traditional classes, then stick with them, it all depends what you want out of training.

Muay Thai with BJJ is a good mix, you're got the standup, the takedowns, and the groundwork.

Although traditional Ju-Jitsu is good, I now see it as a step towards other arts, it's a great mix of everything, and after a few years you find what you enjoy the most, and tend to move into that area. --------------------------------------------- Robsco! - The Site Administrator 'I'm sure your style is impressive on other planets, however, your weak link is that this is Earth'

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