Royce Gracie.

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sl Resident 855 posts
Seeing as the forum has been quiet for a few days thought id ask another question.
And i know a couple of you guys have met him etc.

While finally watching UFC1 which Royce of course won does anyone know if he actually went to DisneyLand with his winnings?
Robsco 1319 posts
I've met him a couple of times, but don't know for sure, although I'm sure I've heard or read that he did. --------------------------------------------- Robsco! - The Site Administrator 'I'm sure your style is impressive on other planets, however, your weak link is that this is Earth'
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andy Resident 729 posts
yes pain is temporary, pride is forever.
"no weapon formed against me shall prosper"
sl Resident 855 posts
Ha ha, cool that still cracks me up.....
Ross Regular 100 posts
he went to disney land in paris