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Typical BJJ lesson.

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Thursday 7th October 2004 at 16:05

Can someone tell me what happens in a BJJ lesson? Obviously it varies from dojo to dojo and from lesson to lesson. Just wanted to know what to expect when I join the East Anglian BJJ Club. I currently do TJJ, and a lesson comprises of half hour of warmup and exercise. And an hour practising techniques. I go twice a week.



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Thursday 7th October 2004 at 17:40

Sounds pretty much the same. I've been to 3 BJJ clubs in the past few years, so here's a general run-down.

Warm-up, this can last around 15-30mins, with exercises derived from major techniques.

Stretch (hopefully).

Then around 5 techniques, you see the technique a couple of times, then drill it with a partner for about 5-10minutes (obviously the longer the better), and maybe switching partners.

Following that we usually work on regular things (getting out of the mount, or guard), two guys trying that, the 'winner' staying in the middle for the next guy. Or maybe 2 minute torture, one guy stays in the middle and fights everyone one after the other for 2 minutes each, then someone else staying there, etc.

Then some regular rolling, hopefully trying some of the techniques you've learnt that lesson against full-resisting opponents. Switching partners.

And finally maybe a cool-down and stretch.

That's what I've seen anyway, but every coach/instructor will have their own variations I'm sure. --------------------------------------------- Robsco! - The Site Administrator 'I'm sure your style is impressive on other planets, however, your weak link is that this is Earth'

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Friday 8th October 2004 at 12:23

It sounds a lot more hands on than the Traditional Ju-Jitsu that I'm doing. But that's certainly no bad thing. How would the new guy start out in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu?