Does the knowledge you have scare you sometimes

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sentinal Regular 21 posts
Johnny, you're the first person to give me a answer I've been looking for. Robsco, the elbow thing, that's just weird, I'm sure if I tried hard enough i could do it, in the right position. Example, explain Kama Sutra, who would've thought we could move like that, or break dancing... Anyway....
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Oh, is there anyone out there thats from Zimbabwe. or africa
This art comes with alot more than fighting.
This art comes with alot more
steve Resident 217 posts

Where are you from, which group in the BJJA do you train with? Jikishin, Rhonin, Goshin Kempo?

Steve. "Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog"
"Its not the size of the dog i
Kieran Regular 107 posts
Stop taking drugs and try tai chi.Centre yourself and use your art with control.Get your techniques correct and always remain calm in a confrontation.
Dont use and more force than nesscary..........Remember you can out run the long arm of the law.And to each action theres a reaction. Kieran Doran
sentinal Regular 21 posts
Alrighty then, BJJA, huh? I'm from Zimbabwe, Bulawayo to be presice.
Sensei K, where are you from?, you sound like my Sensei here, you pick your words very carefully, and after you read them a couple of times, they some how make you think........ This art comes with alot more than fighting.
This art comes with alot more
Gogs Newbie 8 posts
"Don't couldnt unless they let you or you caught them by surprise. " - Steve.

What are you takling about? with Ju Jitsu you would only kill someone if you REALLY mean to. Not if you caught them by surprise or if they let you. You are getting the wrong picture.

Also your instructor must think you are mentally ready and experienced enough to be taught these strikes. Aren't you?

Also i would think that this knowledge would provide make you feel more secure to an extent.
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Jaz Newbie 6 posts
I trained in BJJA for 6 years and was training for my black belt. When people found this out they said 'I bet you could be dangerous on a dark night' or 'you must be confident about looking after yourself' etc. I thought: no, actually.

The top sensis in my association would always say things like 'when you're at the bar and someone comes up behind you, you can do such and such' etc. or 'keep this weapon in your car and you could do this' etc.

I have never been in a street fight, or a pub brawl, and don't really expect to.

How could I train for a black belt knowing that joe public thinks it means more than it really is ?

So I stopped TJJ and changed to BJJ.
I do not scare myself with 'deadly technique', but I feel far more now like I have been 'fighting' when sparring.

Also, I am sure with more BJJ training, I will improve my flexibility to enable my tongue to get closer to my elbow !!
Robsco 1319 posts
I must say when I first started training, I'd just moved to a new huge city, and was worried about walking home at night from uni if it was dark. After only 2 months of training, I felt the confidence go through the roof.

Maybe at the time I thought I could handle myself against anything, which I did, but was quite obviously just 'hooked' on the whole confidence thing. Not a bad thing at all, since most 'bullies' go after someone who is already looking afraid. At least I had some knowledge of what to do.

I've never had to use anything I've learnt, and quite possibly this is down to the way i 'carry' myself these days, with atleast knowing 'some' techniques. I got upto Brown belt before not really bothering with traditional stuff, and moving on to BJJ.

Even now I think what would I do if a certain situation evolved? Would I be able to use my traditional background, and would this be enough?

I think this idea of 'deadly' techniques is down to long forgotten 'eastern' myths. Sure, I could hold someone in a choke and not let the blood get back to the brain, but I think most people here are thinking of these 'hollywood' techniques.

As for the licking of the old elbow - try as you might! It's never gonna happen! Just waiting for someone to post up a video clip! :-p
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Kieran Regular 107 posts
Hows it going sentinal.I,m from Derry,Northern Ireland
Dave Addict 183 posts
Someone mentions on this thread staying calm in a street confrontation.
All i can say is youve never been in a real fight in your life if you believe you can stay calm. There aint a single person on this planet who can stay calm in a real scrap except bullsh#*ters and people who aint never had a fight, take part in mickey mouse martial arts that dont work and then preach calmness that they read from a book or got taught by mickey mouse himself.;-)

The knowledge i have doesnt scare me and nor will it ever. The things that scare me are getting stabbed, shot or severely f#*ked up by a supprise attacker. If what i know saves me or helps someone then great, but if not then i guess i wont be posting on here ever again.:-D
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sl Resident 855 posts
Well said Dave.:-)
alucarD_The_Stampede Newbie 16 posts
the only thing that scares me in a fight, is sometimes i get so pissed i dont know when to stop, its like i dont care about anything but making whoever pissed me off regret being born until i think theyve had enough... but other then that what i know doesnt scare me, because i know when and when not to use certain moves, and if anything i feel a little safer knowing if i absolutly had to i could stop someone from hurting me, or anyone i love...
andy Resident 729 posts
the knowledge i have scares other people
"no weapon formed against me shall prosper"
Kieran Regular 107 posts
Control your breathing relax your full of negative chi my friend.MA should be free flowing like water.If you lose your temper you will crash
trevek2 Addict 119 posts
The biggest fear you could have is that it doesn't work when you need it. After about three years of training TKD I was jumped by a drunk (and he was joined by a thrill-seeker who wanted a piece of the cake too) and I froze. I was walking along with the brain in neutral and had a mega adrenalin drop. Upshot was that I could have ended up on the slab if someone hadn't pulled them off me. In another situation I could have battered these guys or at least disabled them while I ran. I'm sure they weren't bothered about what they could have done to me (in a positive sense). My instructor was very helpful when I mentioned it to him. It changed my attitude about holding back...
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