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The Mauler


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Friday 22nd October 2004 at 18:47

I have been training in TJJ for about 15 months, and am shortly taking part in a sparring tournament (in 2 weeks time) I took part in the same tournament last year, and beginners luck I took gold. Of course I expect no less of myself this year, however my training has been fairly minimal of late due to a spate of injuries.

This is causing me to worry !!

What I’m looking for now is some kick-ass tips, and points for consideration. Scoring is based on punches, kicks, standing locks and throws.
I am imbued with the power, the power of 50 lemons!

I am imbued with the power, th



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Tuesday 26th October 2004 at 06:45

I've been training for 10 months now and I've learnt one thing, you can never prepare kicks or throws for a fight. I think it all depends on the moment. All you have to remember is that pain is nothing but a feeling, cause you feel hot, you feel cold, and you will feel pain, when you've had enough, trust me, you will pass out, until then give it your all. Just go through you stances and remember the solar plexis (NOT SURE IF I SPELT THAT RIGHT) This art comes with alot more than fighting.

This art comes with alot more